JD Green

JD Green

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA


In contemporary popular music, vocalist JD Green is a seeming anomaly. She explains her approach to making music by discussing ‘musicianship’ and ‘craft,’ ‘improvisation’ and ‘integrity.’ Her voice is described as ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’: the vocals are natural and un-manipulated, skillful, lovely.

JD Green is a classically-trained vocalist with a love for all things funky, soulful, and free. A Detroit native and Louisville transplant, JD is a performing songwriter from the old school of spirituals and roots music, stomp-yo-foot blues, of the pocket and a funky groove; sweet ballads; jazz standards, something to make you pop your fingers and shake your head. She loves to explode and recombine musical categories while always holding onto the essential kernels of a song, seeking always to connect to folk on the level of soul.

Diurnal Movements, the debut album by JD Green, is a robust and eclectic soul offering, containing elements of African American spirituals, jazz, funk, soulful RandB, and a cappella music. This album concerns itself with time and seasons of our lives and our relationships. In the opening songs, JD’s vocal improvisation is bold and refreshing. “Photosynthesis,” “Day,” and “Crush Pt. 1” tell their stories through scat, riffing, and melodic movement as they playfully experiment with form. The songs that round out Diurnal Movements build on this foundation of vocal flexibility, intricate harmony, and a serious groove.

JD Green is a musician’s musician, a lover of music, and a student of musicmakers as diverse as Take 6, Sly Stone, Betty Carter, Stevie Wonder, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Joni Mitchell, Shuggie Otis, Bilal Oliver, Judy Garland, Donny Hathaway, and Bill Withers. She loves to explore the nuances of sound and appreciates the power of the unaccompanied voice. In session recordings, as in live performances, JD Green uses soul music to engage, encourage, and transform. Though the sweetness of her voice may be what attracts, it is her thoughtful lyrics, her “quirky, yet funky” ability to tell the truth and cut to the marrow of our experiences that makes JD Green’s brand of soul music necessary and timeless.


Make It New (Equinoxes)

Written By: JD Green


Our first kiss
When everything was new
The flowers sang—yeah
And the birds bloomed

Smiles were easy
Giggling about everything
All was light—yeah
And everything, everything was new

But we don't kiss like that anymore
The flowers only hum—mmm
Birds fold their wings
Smiles are heavy
Giggles are still sweet
But are few


Let's make it new
Let's make it new
Let’s make it new
Let’s make it new


We'd sit and talk for hours
Not say a thing
You hang up, no you hang up, no you hang up
Loving the breeze

Dreaming about tomorrow
Forever today
Wanting to be close
Brand new everyday—oh

Remember that baby?

Now I'm in one room
And you're in yours
We're sleeping with our backs to each other

No more dreaming
Only talk about today
In our separate worlds
Missing yesterday


Let's make it new
Let's make it new
Let’s make it new
Let’s make it new


Hah ooo bop

(Mmmmmm) Routine

Hah ooo bop

Everything's alright

Hah ooo bop
When I'm up, you're asleep

Hah ooo bop
You're in, I'm out
Life gets in the way

Hah ooo0 bop

We mean well,

Hah ooo bop
time passes
days get shorter
night's cooler
Hah ooo bop
farther apart

(Oooooh) Let's get closer baby
Make our light
Let's get closer baby
Let's make it new

Begin ad lib


Let's make it new
Let's make it new
Let’s make it new
Let’s make it new


Ad lib to end

NIght (The Prophet Said)

Written By: JD Green

Take back the night (Oh)
Take back the night
The night belongs to all of us
So take back the night

Take back the dark
He said relish the beauty of the dark
Sometimes what's done in the dark
Blesses you in the light
Take it back

Not afraid anymore
Not afraid of closet doors
Under the bed don't scare me no more
Because I'm takin back the night

There are treasures there in the dark
Diamonds there in the night
Walk in the dark
For just a little while,
And you'll see just how bright it was

Night's not just for sleeping
There's bright shining blessing in the dark

Dark is comfort
Dark is peace
There's joy right there waiting
In the dark

[Small musical break]

He said take back the night
Take back the night

Many blessings wait in the night
So take back, take back, the night

Not afraid of the dark
No no no no no
Not afraid of the dark
no no no no no

Unafraid of what comes out at dusk
Under the bed don't scare me no more
Relish, relish the solemn of the dark

He said take baby,
take back the night
It belongs to all
And not just to some
So you take back the dark
Take back the dark

There's light
There's light
There's light in the dark

There's beauty-yeah
There's beauty-yeah
Beautiful treasures in the dark


He said we come
From the darkness and light
He said we come from darkness and the light
You can't just cleave to the light side of you
There's beauty in the blackness of the night

There's truth
There's truth
There's truth in the dark

There's faith-yeah
There's faith-yeah
Have faith in the beauty of the dark

Take back the dark
Take back the dark
There's manifold blessing in loving the dark

Take back take back the night

Natural Beauty

Written By: JD Green

Verse 1:
My mama insisted that I was a natural beauty
So many days she'd say,
"Baby you're too pretty to act that way"

But it didn't matter what she'd say to me
Most days I looked in the mirror,
But I just couldn't see

It took a long time
For me to find
That I was beautiful

Somebody tell me
What's natural beauty anyway
Pretty is a state of mind
Beauty is a state of soul

Verse 2:
She'd tell me her story
All the while putting on her face
She’d take the time, scrutinize
Pluck the hair
Put on the makeup so it wasn't there

So it didn't really matter what she'd say to me
She’d stand there in the mirror
But, somehow, she just couldn’t see

It took a long time
For my mama to find, to find
Her own beauty


All I could see were flaws
Couldn't get beyond it all
I'd try so hard to find that beautiful I
That she saw in me

Verse 3:
Little sister, please listen, you are a natural beauty
Honey you're too smart to think any other way

So don't you get so caught up in what they say to you
Take the time beyond the mirror
And make sure you know the truth
Don't take too long to know the beauty of your own song

Know that there's more to your soul
Than what glows, it's below
Digging deeply

Know that there's more to you than what others say or do
Realize, sister, realize, brother that you are valuable.

Tell me, what's the point of a pretty face
If beneath, there's no joy, no grace

What’s the point of a pretty face
If there’s no grace

You gotta know,
Realize honey
That you are wonderful

Crush Pt. 1

Written By: JD Green

I think I got a big ol’ crush on you
And I just don't know what to do—mmm

Verse 1
I find myself watching when I think you can't see
I sit and dream until I catch myself wishing
I'm just so gone over you

I think I got a big ol’ crush on you
And I just don't know what to do

Verse 2
They say they come
They say they go
But what do I do in between

I think I got a big ol’ crush on you
I don't know what to do

Verse 3
I hope it passes
‘Cause I can't imagine
That you could be diggin’ me too

Maybe I'll grow out of it
Maybe you'll grow into it
I know I got a crush on you

Verse 4
They say they pass
But I have to ask
How to get over you

Verse 5
I sit and wonder
How to get from under
The crush that I've got on you


(Hey hey)

What do I do
What do I do
About you

Have you ever wondered why they call it a crush?
I think I know
I think I know

I look at you and wonder
And I wonder if you know I’m feeling you

Have you ever
Fallen so hard
And not known if they can even see you

Well I’m here
And I don’t know what to do
I’m crushing hard over you

Do0000 ~

I can’t speak, no
I don’ t know what to say
I can’t speak

But I can~ Dooooo

Ad lib to end


Last Night (May 2010)

Diurnal Movements (June 2010)

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