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Hip-pop with an indie twist. The combination of Fitzgerald, the last great storyteller and J2K, one half of hipster-hearthrobs Flosstradamus...designed to rock a party.


Officially, J2K and Fitzgerald are solo artists, but when they met while working at a Chicago venue in 200X their mutual love of hip-hop drew them together to form J-Direct.
J2K has achieved national success as a member of Flosstradamus (with DJ Autobot) and The Life During Wartime DJ crew. Fitzgerald is an accomplished solo MC. His debut LP Haunted By Waters received critical acclaim throughout Chicago and he has worked with several MCs, DJs and producers throughout the Midwest.
Their solo work is often classified as “experimental.” J2K has built his reputation mastering the mash-up- successfully blending hip-hop bangers with virtually every other genre of music. Fitzgerald’s first LP took spaced-out depressing hip-hop to another level. But through J-Direct, the mad scientists are going back to basics.
“We wanted to make a straight-up hip-hop record,” explains Fitzgerald. “But not something that’s been done a million times before. That’s why we pulled in Griff (Jason Griffin) to produce this record. He’s kind of a purist, but he’s not afraid to step out of the box.”
Griffin is considered one of Chicago’s up-and-coming producers and has worked with artists such as So-Say, Skitzophonic, The Illustrators and Tommy Ruffingers.
J-Direct’s musical influences range from hip-hop to 80’s pop to indie rock, but according to Fitzgerald, there’s a higher power at work.
“We’re influenced by one thing- our city. We’re here to show the world everything Chicago hip-hop has to offer. Too many Chicago cats just bite whatever’s hot on the national scene…. We take what’s going on in Chicago and put that down for the world to see.”


Upcoming LP on RhymeCity Records.

Set List


Originals- "DDG" - "Ride With Me (The Deadication)" - "Clap/Twerk" - "Man Is Measured" - "Masquerade is Over" - "Emancipating the Globe" and more.

We also do "covers" or we may perform one of our songs using other hip-hop beats or popular songs.