Born to traveling evangelists living in a small log cabin in upper British Columbia, JDL grew up as the ultimate paradox.

Encouraged to be a well-rounded person, yet denied TV or other pop-culture influences, JDL was forced to find his entertainment and fulfilment not in observing but in creating.

Music was always a part of his life but usually took a back seat to athletics (he played semi-pro and briefly college football) and his plethora of other hobbies - acting, photography, extreme whitewater riverboarding, writing, and a host of other pursuits.

Once out of college and busy developing several successful companies, the desire to share many of the songs that he had written over the years (after his football dreams came to an end in college) became a necessity. Playing live on a handful of occasions to an overwhelming response from audiences simply added fuel to his already raging internal fire - it was time to put out an album and pursue music full time.