BandEDMHip Hop

You are about to witness an innovator in music creation!! The original content is like no other and you really will be surprised as to what he brings to your ears... Get ready world cause here he comes!!!


Stemming from the New York/New Jersey life as a local DJ, "J.D.L." has transformed into an artist to be acknowledged. His love of music started him learning the art of DJing in 1980. Starting as a Hip-Hop/Scratch Turntablist, his foundation in true to the Hip-Hop culture. Through the years he wanted more of the craft and sought to experiment with different genres (i.e. NY Freestyle & House). This experimentation turned into an ever-evolving DJ.

In the 90s, with the birth of Techno & Jungle, he continued to expand & become a Master of the Mix. Through combining the genres in a complete non-stop mix set, "J.D.L." sets himself apart from your typical DJ.

At the turn of the millennium, "J.D.L." stepped up his game by recording 'white label' remixes & utilized them in his mix performances. This turned into his ability to write his own music. In 2005, he had became a student in the Recording Arts program at International Academy of Design & Technology & graduated December 2007. During his time at the Academy, he had demonstrated his skills in various ways.

His accomplishments include: Winner of 2 of the DJ Battles held at the Academy; assisted with the planning, coordination, and hosted the Academy events; planned, coordinated, and hosted the DJ/Emcee Battle held in February of 2006; completion of an EP release (all original music); had a jingle purchased by local TV station MoreTV32 for their "Bikini Cast" project and the released of several DJ mixed CDs. He created 3 music groups due to his collaborations with other song writer-composers. As of late, he is now the music writer/producer for various independent local artists in Tampa, FL, as well as working on his own projects. He is also writing music for film/television as well.

With the concentration of his newer projects, expect to hear an array of diversity in his upcoming releases!


Coming soon:
Be on the look out for the re-release of: the EP