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A true talent, J.D.O. mixes Hip-Hop with comedy and knowledge for ultimate enlightening entertainment. Lyrically, J.D.O. is a mix of Jay-Z’s determination (but without the bravado), KRS-One’s knowledge of Hip-Hop and the down-to-earth appeal of Bill Cosby.


J.D.O., a Massachusetts based mc has been making noise in the area since 2005. A couple of mixtapes and a single carved out a place for him in the true school section of Boston's hip-hop scene. Coming along way from rockin his high school talent shows, he has opened for some names from Agallah to Rass Kass. From J- Zone to Boot Camp Click. TALENT is his first full length album with production from G-Squared (Kreators, Ed O.G., Krumbsnatcha) Matteo Getz (KRS-One, Thirstin Howl III, J the S).


"Talent" (LP)
"Beat Dreams" The Mixtape
"The Worst Mixtape"

"Here Now" - Single
"The Come Up" - Single
"Talent" - Single

Set List

25 minutes

Here Now
Man Up
Still Alive
Play My Part
How Many Nights
The Come Up
Rap Better
Freestyle interspersed with comedy