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J Downs

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The lyrical arsenal of an East Coast rapper. The smooth chill-out vibes of West Coast G-Funk. The vocal intensity of a rock band. The tight punchy rhythms of a funk hip-hop group.


Musically speaking, J Downs' style is unlike any other. His fresh blend of tight hip-hop lyrics paired with his amazing vocal range would be enough to capture an audience. But that's only the half of it. J's unique style of playing is apparent at his live show, where he performs with just a mic and an acoustic guitar. No backing band, no loops, no effects. Just J. He captivates crowds with his own style of live "ghettar", a combination of melody and percussion all done by him on his acoustic guitar; the sound created is clear, simple, and intense. Complex enough for musical virtuosos, yet pure enough for those who simply wish to be entertained. In combination with his original songs, J also hypes the crowd with acoustic renditions of hip-hop songs of today and yesterday, ranging from Warren G to 50 Cent to Soul For Real and everything in between.

J spent much of 2006 writing and recording his debut disc entitled All-Division, released in March of 2007 under his own independent label, 703 Records. Recorded in San Diego, CA, the 11-track disc features J's hip-hop/rock vocal stylings delivered over a live band sound (all live instrumentation done by J, of course.) Alongside various collaborations with San Diego-based rap group MPIRE Da Regiment, the CD also includes the independently produced music video for "Hit Em Off", which recently peaked on Youtube's Top 10 Top Rated list.

Currently, J is playing shows in the Socal area to promote the new disc, which can also be found online @ CDBaby.com, iTunes, and in various record stores throughout southern California.

J can be contacted online @ myspace.com/jdowns703.


All Day

Written By: G. Marnik, K. Vinson

I've been grindin' the streets all day
And I really wanna see my lady
Hopin' that the 9 don't pop
Promise one day I'm gonna stop
Damn whatcha say about me
I got a sack and some Mo let's chill
Car keys crisp hundred dollar bills
No my rims don't shine
When I see you smile oh my

Something In The World

Written By: G. Marnik

Today we push our sadness away
To make room inside our lives for
And I've never felt this way before
And all of the places that I've been
Nobody wants to take the time to give
But there's gotta be a better way to live

There's something in the world today
Aggression slowly permeates
If you got it change my mental state
And just take my life away

If You Wanna Roll

Written By: G. Marnik

See somethin' say somethin'
Stop frontin' rock tough and play rough and stay puffin'
Hold weight it ain't nothin' how we do it
Gotta keep ya blades up and
My life it's real right I stay tight
And keep a hardy slicer by the safe right
Hit the coastal writin' high lyric vocal
My own style, rep the Rhody Isle global
Check the local kid from the Provi town line with the 50-pound rhyme and the stash of Soco
We got it loco cuz opportunity arise only once in our lives and then our time is over
I kick it solo the only people that I trust in this world is my fam and my girl and with that I proceed to the next true indeed from RI to LA yes we're plantin' the seeds
And it's all that I need half a brick of that quarter pound of the cheese
I wasn't born in the streets but my man Walt Gray got a story for me
And he's a warrior to me
Came the dirt so emerged mighty tree Stand tall sucka-free
J Downs with the 703 if you wanna roll


J Downs 'All-Division' - The Debut Album. Released in March of 2007. Airplay includes various internet radio stations, Kiss 108 in Boston, WBRU in Providence, RI, University of Hawaii radio, KLAS Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, 91X San Diego, Local 94.9 San Diego.
Available for purchase or digital download on the following sites:


Set List

The typical set list consists of a variety of rap covers done with an acoustic hip-hop twist (Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Nas, Warren G) mixed with a few original tracks. Crowd favorites include:

Nas "The World is Yours"
50 Cent "21 Questions"
Pharaohe Monch "The Life"
Jay-Z "I Just Wanna Luv U"
Dr. Dre "F*** You"
Soul For Real "Candy Rain"
Nate Dogg/Warren G "Regulate"
50 Cent "Many Men"
Ja Rule "New York"
Nas "If I Ruled The World"

Original songs:
"Hit Em Off"
"Thank You"
"Still Holdin'"
"All Day" featuring Rembrant
"Everyday is a Struggle"
"If You Wanna Roll"