J.D. Reager

J.D. Reager


Honest rock music - debut solo album out Spring '07.


J.D. Reager is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer based in Memphis, TN. In addition to being a new "solo artist" at work on a debut album, he is a former member of several critically acclaimed, touring acts including Glossary, Pezz and the Passport Again. He also currently plays guitar and organ with recording artists Brad Postlethwaite (Snowglobe), Holly and Imagination Head, and a little of this and that with other folks. J.D. is a founder Unclaimed Recordings, the emerging Memphis studio that has produced music from the likes of the Noise Choir, the Coach and Four, 2 Way Radio, Snowglobe, Cory Branan, etc., and is a publicist for Makeshift Music, the label that puts much of that music out.

As a songwriter, J.D. is hard to pigeon-hole. Lyrically, his songs are personal without being overbearing, and brutally honest to the core, with healthy doses of irony and self-deprecation mixed in. Musically, J.D. ranges from solo, acoustic balladry to full-blown, fuzzed-out psychedelic rock (sometimes within the same song), with stops at points in-between. Frequent comparisons to Sebadoh and Elephant 6 are not without their merit.


For What I Don't Become (Undertow, 2006) - drums, piano, backing vocals
Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts (Champ, 2003) - drums

Fearless and Free (Makeshift, 2006) - producer/engineer, guitar, drums, bass, piano, organ, synths

Oxytocin (Makeshift, 2006) - drums, guitar, backing vocals
Our Land Brains (Makeshift 2002) - backing vocals

the Coach and Four
the Great Escape (Makeshift, 2006) - engineer

2 Way Radio (formerly Walkie Talkie)
Residential Llama (Makeshift, 2006) - engineer

Imagination Head
the Stale and Sparkly Air (Makeshift, 2006) - engineer, drums, guitar, backing vocals

the Noise Choir
Sings Out (2005) - engineer

the Passport Again
Hold on to the Memory E.P. (Migrant/Makeshift, 2004) - producer/engineer, drums, guitar, bass, vocals, piano

Johnny Romania
Popchaser (Extant, 2000) - engineer, guitar, vocals, bass, synths, drums

Warmth and Sincerity (Better Youth Organization, 1999) - bass

the Henrys
s/t (Rockingchair, 1997) - drums, guitar, vocals