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JD Riggz

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JD Riggz understands the importance of balancing mainstream and underground music. Collaborating with hit-producers & artists including Apex, Fatin/10, Ron Browz, Postaboy, Mack Maine, Shawnna too name a few and constantly dropping new projects, songs and reaching fans through internet and mixtapes.


Born March 15th, 1987 in Rochester, New York, Jerome Hawthorne(better known in the rap world as JD Riggz)was destined for greatness. Riggz first found hip-hop at age 8 playing around in his mother and father's record collections. By age 9, he was already writing his own rhymes and by the age of 12, he was creating his own demo tapes. At one point of his early carrer he was going to sign a deal with Artista Records, which later fell through.JD's personal life though is a very complex one. He attended many schools and actually got excellent grades but unfortuantley found them boring and started acting up with his friends(who also rap on his record label, High Caliber Music) skipping school and selling drugs. By the age of 18, he realized that this wasn't the life for him. After realizing these bad choicies and seeing his friends and family die in the streets, JD regrets it to this day knowing he could of been so much more in school and much more in life. So now, never looking back at the streets, Riggz now concentrates and invests all of his time and money on music and has since gotten his life back together working steady jobs and going back to school to get his G.E.D. Since 2004, Riggz(who's influenced by Jay-Z, Tupac, Lil' Wayne, Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, Notorious BIG, Russell Simmons, Big Pun, Nas, & Joe Budden to name a few) has dropped 8 c.d.'s from not only himself but his artists on his production team, High Caliber Music.


-DJ Ophax-So Much Hate On Me
-DJ Trigga-Thisis50.com(Hosted by G-Unit)
-DJ Lust-Back With A Vengeance
-DJ Lust & DJ Diggz-Rise To Power 2
-XXL Magazine/DJ Rhude & DJ Scream-We Got Now Pt. 3
-DJ Lust-Bars, Hooks & Crooks
-DJ Kurupt-Streets Mos(Who's The Hottest in The Streets?)Pt. 2
-DJ Lust & DJ Diggz-Holiday Hustlers
-DJ Thoro-Streets Mos(Who's The Hottest In The Streets?)Pt. 1
-DJ Lust-Hood Nominated
-DJ Lust-Out On Bail pt. 2
-Legend-This Is Why They Hate Me Pt. 3
Hail Mary(Hosted by DJ Lust & J. Armz)-2006
HIStory(Hosted by Tapemasters Inc)-2008

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