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"Hail Mary Review"

3/4 tapes

Dead ass real I peeped this CD off the strength that DJ Lust was hosting this shit. I don't think he would ever put his name on some bullshit regardless if it was a top paying gig or not. With that said welcome JD Riggz to the Mullet. At this point I have no idea what to exepect from dude as far as MIC skills. Kind of like opening a present you don't who its from; could be a rare jewel or it could be shit in a box...you never know. Let's see what's really good.

Damn, that "Paid In Full " joint is hardbody. JD Riggz got a flow people; track is a straight head nod from begining to end. Is it me or are todays MCs a little scared to pick up the pace with the flow? I mean "Money Over Bitches" is cool with it's slow flow appeal but when you got the skills to bounce all over a beat why wouldn't you play to your strengths. The strength's I'm talking about are shown on "The Bass". J. Dilla on the beat and JD just sounding natural on it. "Pay Attention" seems to be that happy medium between the slow shit and up tempo joints. Posta Boy showing and proving again; def a dope colabo. Oh shit..see this is what I mean. JD Riggz flowing over "Bumpin My Music " is THAT shit. Peep it for yourself and you know what dude is bringing to the table. I was gonna end the highlight of the review right there but JD rhymed over "Treat Em Like A Prostitute". Props on that, this the type of shit to give your mixtape some chararcter.

I can't stress enough to MCs how important it is to find your own sound and run with it. The shit doesn't happen over night, it's years of trial and error and seeing reactions and feedback on your music to figure out what works best. This project right here suffered from too many un-needed colaborations. He could have cut at least 5-6 tracks off this and it would have been just as potent, especially if you're trying to catch the ear of an A&R or industry cat. Content wise JD got a little versatility to his music, def a lot of gun play mixed with the struggle. Off this project alone I know I will be checking for him in the future. (11/7/06)
- www.rapmullet.com

""HIStory" Review"

With the plethora of rappers that are coming out in 2008, it is hard to keep filter the good music from the bad music. Whose real and who’s not. So for the next few weeks I’m going to give you a little help on who to be on the look out for, because after all we control, what’s hot and what’s not. I know some of you don’t think that, but our power is simple as just turning off the music, or calling up a JD and telling him who need to get some shine.

Well for the first week, we head to Upstate New York to meet a talented MC by the name of JD Riggz. The young MC has a raw spitting talent, who knows how to stay on the beat and knows how to make a record. He is sure to be on his way and the proof is his latest mixtape titled HISstory. Now some of the music will either make you think or not, and there were some parts that had me wondering which way is he going, but it all made sense when I listened to the record weight of the world. Now for most people it will sound kind of 80’s ish, and for others it will sound like synthesizer going through labor on the hooks, but if you can manage to fight through the production, you can hear some real good lyrics, that if taken more time to be polished, it will be a problem.

The next song I listened to was the paper. Now this is more synthesizer music that will make you feel fuzzy inside and its accessory is a good melodic hook, but if you dig deep into the song, you will find hints of talent Riggz displays, but not enough to sell you on. So if you’re going to hear anything from him first, don’t let it be this song.

But if you want to completely sold, then check out like me. It might sound like a slow club banger for some, but it definitely gets its point across with the horns and the hook. Overall this was a good song and it made me want to hear more from the dude. JD Riggz is really talented and he is on his way, but most of the songs are real slow paced, summarizer music that are more geared for us to make it seem like he should be compared with Lupe Fiasco. I think a few more fast paced song will sell to a larger crowed, but if you’re into the strings and the hums like I am, this album will be for you. Now=2 0if you know me in the past, I don’t do thumbs up or stars, that stuff is corny unless you’re in Beijing scoring a gymnast. So it’s either hot or not. And JD Riggz HIStory album is… okay for some, but great for others. But with experience comes skill and JD Rigzz will find his way. - www.hiphopruckus.com


-DJ Ophax-So Much Hate On Me
-DJ Trigga-Thisis50.com(Hosted by G-Unit)
-DJ Lust-Back With A Vengeance
-DJ Lust & DJ Diggz-Rise To Power 2
-XXL Magazine/DJ Rhude & DJ Scream-We Got Now Pt. 3
-DJ Lust-Bars, Hooks & Crooks
-DJ Kurupt-Streets Mos(Who's The Hottest in The Streets?)Pt. 2
-DJ Lust & DJ Diggz-Holiday Hustlers
-DJ Thoro-Streets Mos(Who's The Hottest In The Streets?)Pt. 1
-DJ Lust-Hood Nominated
-DJ Lust-Out On Bail pt. 2
-Legend-This Is Why They Hate Me Pt. 3
Hail Mary(Hosted by DJ Lust & J. Armz)-2006
HIStory(Hosted by Tapemasters Inc)-2008



Born March 15th, 1987 in Rochester, New York, Jerome Hawthorne(better known in the rap world as JD Riggz)was destined for greatness. Riggz first found hip-hop at age 8 playing around in his mother and father's record collections. By age 9, he was already writing his own rhymes and by the age of 12, he was creating his own demo tapes. At one point of his early carrer he was going to sign a deal with Artista Records, which later fell through.JD's personal life though is a very complex one. He attended many schools and actually got excellent grades but unfortuantley found them boring and started acting up with his friends(who also rap on his record label, High Caliber Music) skipping school and selling drugs. By the age of 18, he realized that this wasn't the life for him. After realizing these bad choicies and seeing his friends and family die in the streets, JD regrets it to this day knowing he could of been so much more in school and much more in life. So now, never looking back at the streets, Riggz now concentrates and invests all of his time and money on music and has since gotten his life back together working steady jobs and going back to school to get his G.E.D. Since 2004, Riggz(who's influenced by Jay-Z, Tupac, Lil' Wayne, Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, Notorious BIG, Russell Simmons, Big Pun, Nas, & Joe Budden to name a few) has dropped 8 c.d.'s from not only himself but his artists on his production team, High Caliber Music.