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Hard Hitting Lyrics with original style! When you here my music.. you hear a unique sense of style and a flow like no other. I've always told people to listen to the lyrics and feel the music instead of hearing for punchlines and vibin to the beat.



Jaye Pinckney(20yrs. old), from Charleston, SC goes by the stage name Jd Ryder da Youngballa aka Flyy guy or Dizzy some people calls him.

I've started making music back when i was 10yrs. old. I remember rapping on the back of the school bus with my friends and classmates. This turned into a career when i dropped out of high school, not wanting to settle for a minimum-wage job. So i picked myself up and grabbed the MPC 1000 and start producing music.

Producing for over 11yrs. now, Jd ryder has made quite a name for himself in the greater Charleston area. "I'm on the verge of fulfilling his dream and my motivation is all the people in the music industy making it happen" says Ryder.

He has created over 7 un-released albums. Titles such as.. Flyy Guy, Makin' Moves n Da South, Star Studded, Picture Perfect, Swagga @ 100% and more.

Influenced by Hot Boys(Cash Money Records) he has grown to follow in they're footsteps. Mannie Fresh, being one of his favorite producers of all-time, he has the hard-hitting bass-line drops and snares to make the thugs bop their heads and the ladies to keep the party LIVE! Also, inspired rapping skills came from Lil' Wayne, one of his favorite rapper then.

Now, I rap for myself and my own golds and dreams. Making this music work is all i have and i know im going to make it! "No Matter What" Says Ryder.

I want to start my own label called Flyy Muzik Ent. and production label called "Youngballa Productions" inspired by my name.

Jd ryder
Flyy Muzik Ent.


1.Jd Ryder: The Beginning
2.Str8 Out The Shed
3.I need Mine: My Time 2 Shine
4.Picture Perfect
5.S.T.A.R. S.T.U.D.D.E.D
6.God Given
7.God Given Pt. 2
8.On My Job: Money is my Motivation
9.Flyy Muzik
10.Swagga @ 100%[S.S.C.F.G]
11.Larger Dan Life
12.Flyy Zone
14.Flyy Avenue

Set List

I write my own songs, even if there's a singer.
I'll sing my own songs if i cannot find a singer.
I produce my own tracks. I try to make every beat different in its own way. My whole music and label is based on a flyy style, swagger & a unique feel!