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J.D. Shapiro wrote “Men In Tights” and has sold over a dozen screenplays. He's worked with Mel Brooks, John Travolta, Stan Lee, and more. This Summer J D will direct his "Knights! of the Not So Round Table" for National Lampoon." J D's "Making it in Hollywood" Lecture is THE lecture event to book!


J.D. Shapiro


ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS J.D. Shapiro wrote “Men In Tights” on spec then sold it to Brooksfilms and Twentieth Century Fox, because luckily for him, Mel liked Men In Tights and Fox wasn’t judgmental. From concept to release was a little under a year.

UNITUS is a super hero series J.D. co-created, co-wrote, and will co-executive produce with STAN LEE (Spider-Man, The Hulk, X-Men, The Fantastic Four).

KNIGHTS! OF THE NOT SO ROUND TABLE is a comedy that spoofs Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. J.D. wrote and is directing. The movie will start lensing June 2009.

SPRING BACK is a National Lampoon comedy. J.D. will play one of the three leads.

WE MARRIED MARGO J.D. wrote, directed, and starred in “Margo.” It was made in 17 days, on 35mm film shot for around $230,000. It was an Official Selection in many festivals, including Slamdance, The NY Comedy Festival, and the most prestigious festival in Korea, the Pi Phan Film Festival. “Margo” won many awards, including Audience Award For Best Picture at the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen, where women with large hair still wear dead animals for comfort. George Lucas liked it so much he invited J.D. to Skywalker Ranch and gave J.D. free post-production sound editing. New Line picked it up. It’s first run was on IFC/Bravo, then Comedy Central, and recently to over 100 markets in North America and overseas.

STAND-UP COMEDY J.D. started doing stand-up in November of 2003. J.D. can now be seen performing stand-up at various comedy clubs and dives around LA. J.D. has performed stand-up in LA, Alaska, SC, NC, NYC and M.O.U.S.E. Mitzi Shore made J.D. a paid a Paid Regular, in what might have been record time, at The World Famous Comedy Store in 2005.

CREATIVE CONSULTANT Over the past several years, J.D. has been a creative consultant on several movies, mostly comedies. You’ve probably seen some of them and heard of most.

WOMEN IN FILM AWARDS J.D. was the first MC for the first ever award ceremony, which took place at Sundance.

BATTLEFIELD EARTH although J.D. is not a Scientologist, J.D. wrote the first several drafts for MGM. When John Travolta read J.D.’s script he officially signed on to play the hero. Then the project went from MGM to Franchise. J.D.’s screenplay, which had Oliver Stone, Brian DePalma, and John Woo all interested in directing, was rewritten by a man J.D. believes was drunk. JT went from playing the good human to the bad alien and the movie became a darling of The Raspberry Awards. It tied for the most ever with “Show Girls” and got 12.



DADDY’S GIRL is a spec comedy about an overprotective dad, (“I own a shovel & a gun and I’m not afraid to use them” - Clueless), who has to learn to let go of his daughter, who has to learn to grow up. Optioned by New Line.

SALVAGE is a “Mad Max” post-apocalyptic script set up with Gear Head Productions. Dan Myrick (“The Blair Witch Project”) is set to direct and J.D. is set to play the co-lead.

WORKING CLASS HERO is an action/drama about a cop trying to make up for a past mistake. J.D. co-wrote it on spec with Jimmy Cummings (“Southie”). It sold to Gale Anne Hurd (all the “Terminator” movies).

SUPERCOPS is the true story of two highly decorated Vietnam vets turned “Supercops,” and how they became the only two LAPD police officers to face the death penalty. J.D. developed the project with Jimmy Cummings (“Southie”) for Nittolo Entertainment.

CUPID’S TURN is a script J.D. developed about a man who finds out he’s Cupid. J.D. set it up at Disney to produce.

BLAST OFF is a “Die Hard” type action script about a group of men who take over the space shuttle. The only man who can do anything about it needs to overcome his intense fear of flying—or, not only is the world in peril, but his wife, who is the captain of the shuttle, will die. Written on spec it sold to Interscope Films.

FEAR is a dark thriller based on a Novella about a man who is looking for the murderer of his wife only to find out he did it. J.D. wrote it for Miramax.

SIGNED, SEALED & DELIVERED is action/comedy about a woman who gets trapped inside a post office when terrorist take it over. She learns she’s much more capable then she ever realized. Co-written with Aaron William Dozier on spec, the script sold it to Touchstone. They, of all places (‘cause they’re owned by Disney), nicknamed it “’Die Hard’ in a post office with boobies.”

SOLO TO MARS is a sci-fi about a man who travels into space and, due to the stress and loneliness, befriends a fly (“Wilson!” - Cast Away) trapped onboard. Written for Paramount.

THE FINAL FRONTIER is a sci-fi about an astronaut who finds a way to travel to the most uncharted territory not know; death. J.D. wrote this on spec and optioned it to Warner Brothers.

TOY SOLDIERS is an action/comedy about a group of kids who are totally into Paintball and have

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MAKING IT IN HOLLYWOOD- The Life and Times of J.D. Shapiro

Every day, hundreds of people who dream of becoming a writer, director, or movie star, come to Hollywood. Very few ever live the dream. This is your chance to learn how you can beat the odds and see your dream come true.

In this incredibly informative and fun filled event, you will learn the secrets of how to make it in Hollywood. J.D. Shapiro has sold almost a dozen spec screenplays to all the major studios and received assignments from about half a dozen more. He’s had TV deals with Spelling Entertainment, Big Ticket and Fox, as well as an Internet deal with NBC. He has worked side-by-side with Mel Brooks, John Travolta, Stan Lee and many more. George Lucas liked the movie J.D. directed so much he invited him to come to Skywalker Ranch. J.D.’s work earns him six to seven figures per screenplay.

For those who don’t want to go into the entertainment business but are fascinated by tales of Hollywood stars, you