J.D. Smith and the 3 Legged Dog

J.D. Smith and the 3 Legged Dog


J.D. Smith is a Montana based singer/songwriter who blends Indie-style rock with Americana folk music. J.D.'s songs explore the joys and pains of rural life, broken dreams, and the thirst for adventure - his signature songwriting is best described as "roots outlaw with a country voice."


About J.D. Smith and the 3 Legged Dog
Far from anywhere, but close to home are the Americana sounds of J.D. Smith and the 3 Legged Dog. Living in a tucked-away corner of NW Montana, the songwriting captures the raw emotion of an adventurous and intriguing life. J.D.'s strong and steely voice resonates with intense passion, while the Dog blends acoustic instrumentation with driving rhythms to create imminently danceable shows. With one leg firmly in rock and another in country, the music is often compared to alt-country pioneers Sunvolt with the edgy song writing of Steve Earl. In both his solo performances or when backed by the 3 legged dog, J.D. Smith rivets audiences with his incendiary performance and original style. The band is touring this winter and spring to promote their sophomore release, "Unstable", as well as laying the groundwork for their third album.


1st CD=JD Smith and the Three Legged Dog "J.D. Smith and the 3 Legged Dog
2nd CD=JD Smith and the Three Legged Dog "Unstable"

Set List

Sunday Morning
Stuck in a Moment
Up on the Mountain
Broken Dreams
Kenny's Song
Me and My Uncle
Isn't Life Rough
Sleeping Dog
Chasing Horses

Something in the Water
Roll with the Punches
Two is too Long
Me and My Pony
Montana nights
All over but the Crying
What Was I thinking
Border Town
Sun and the rain

White wizard
Carpenter's Wages
Tangled up in blue
Glass house
Swing the hammer
Too dumb to know
Rain and snow
Porch song
Deep Elem
Bob Dylan covers, Steve Earl etc.
3 --1hour sets