J.D. Tharpe and the Foothill Billy Band
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J.D. Tharpe and the Foothill Billy Band

Monrovia, California, United States | SELF

Monrovia, California, United States | SELF
Band Country Rock




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Skope: Were you excited about being an A2W artist for October?
JD Tharpe: Absolutely! When people are talking about you – well, people are talking about you!

Skope: What are you currently promoting the most via an album, tour, single etc?
JD Tharpe: We are currently doing many appearances in the Los Angeles area in support of our debut single “If You Couldn’t Say Goodbye” It’s a song I wrote years ago when my mom passed away, but I saved it until I felt the time was right to record it. I was there when she passed, but the song looks at the situation, “What would it be like if you weren’t there to be able to say goodbye?” During the release of the single an ironic thing happened; my grandma was placed in Hospice while we were doing the promotion of our single. Because of commitments and most of our money being sunk into studio time and promotion, I was not able to get home before she passed. The song speaks to anyone who has ever lost a loved one and wasn’t there to have that moment, that closure. What were your last words to them and how did you leave things? This is especially true of our soldiers in battle today. When you close your eyes, do you see your last moments with them as having been the way you wanted, or did you say something you couldn’t take back? Think about it.

Skope: Do you have any big shows lined up for this coming month?
JD Tharpe: Yes! We are appearing at the world famous Molly Malone’s and the House of Blues in Los Angeles in November.

Skope: DO you plan on putting out any music with a Halloween theme?
JD Tharpe: We’re more of an all around band, so we can play any time of year. But for family reasons we won’t be performing again until November 2nd at Molly’s.

Skope: Do you listen to the local radio where you live?
JD Tharpe: Yes, Go Country 105 is the main local station in Los Angeles but (and this is just an opinion) it seems they don’t play many up and coming bands or even help to promote unknown artists when they are doing charitable events (unless you pay them). Country isn’t a big format in LA, so it’s hard to understand why they don’t do more to get additional ears listening to their station.

Skope: Would you agree that the independent scene is stronger than ever?
JD Tharpe: As a whole yes, with the internet and the ability to release a single having come full circle (the days of the 45 have returned). The one great thing about it all, is that you can record and master a quality single and release it without a label. With great marketing and savvy skill, an artist can get heard in today’s market.

Skope: What is coming up for you & where are you online?
JD Tharpe: We have many things we’re working on, and have charities we care greatly about. Our main charity is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital but we also help local schools like ICA Catholic and St. Joes as well. Giving our time to local fundraisers for the elderly and orphanages is yet another way to help our community. We believe in using our music to make a difference.
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The Debut Single is available at iTunes or at www.joetharpe.com!

"If You Couldn't Say Goodbye"



In 2009, J.D moved from Charleston, S.C to Monrovia, California with his wife and children. Having left everything that he had ever known behind to make a fresh start in a new and unfamiliar place; J.D looked to find local musicians and start a new band in Los Angeles. In the early part of 2010, he found them.

After posting several ads looking to play with other musicians, his calls were answered by Joe Mesisca and Scott (Spike) Jones. All three of them knew there was a magical connection between them from the start. After a few months, Scott invited aboard a rhythm guitarist, Jason Harland and soon to follow was bass player Daniel Tucker.

They all became what is now known as J.D Tharpe and The Foothill Billy Band. For the past year, the band has been all around the Southern California/Los Angeles area performing and committing their time to a number of great causes and charities; helping raise money for local schools and worthy organizations. In an unprecedented move they are donating the proceeds in July and August from their first original recording "If You Couldn't Say Goodbye" to St.Jude Children's Research Hospital...

The band has a passion about their craft that anyone could surely notice the first time they are experienced. You can read the bio on each member of the band by visiting their website (www.joetharpe.com).