JD & Tina

JD & Tina


A unique blend of sound. This husband & wife team bring a distinct sound joining a traditional style of gospel music with an urban hip-hop style to give a wide range of people what they need.


Both Arkansas natives, JD and Tina met as a result of a scheduled recording session at JD Home. After recording their first teamwork project "Churchgirl" The two quickly became close and soon began a dating relationship. The two married Dec. 23rd 2006 and have began thier journey as a team ministry. Mixing Gospel message songs with Christian based love songs, the two have a unique appeal to different audiences. Their desire is to promote the fact that young people can live Godly lives within a marriage that God has joined together. Their new team album is a work in progress, and they currently have a release available intitled "United Music" with contains Gospel compositions by the two seperately and a few collaborative efforts. Also included are love songs written exclusively to Tina during the approaching of their wedding day. The work can be purchased at www.thedanielenterprise.com


United Music - Released Dec 2006 - preview can be streamed at www.thedaniel enterprise.com

Holy Hip-Hope - Released 2005 - preview can be streamed at www.thedaniel enterprise.com

Set List

1. Churchgirl
2. Get Married
3. Livin Testimony
4. Marrying You

Set Approx. 20 min.