Jean and Marita

Jean and Marita


Our music is a unique mix of catchy up-beat jazzy pop, and darker lyrical melodies. Marita's sweet voice is perfectly accompanied by Jean's emotive piano-playing. You hear original memorable tunes when you listen to us, and it's always a mellow musical pleasure to experience our sound.


Jean and Marita’s music is an original blend of jazz, pop, and blues. Although they have been songwriting partners for six years, they have always performed separately with different bands, and are now gigging together for the first time. Their lyrical music tells stories of heartbreak, longing, escapism, and unrequited love, with Marita’s sweet, lilting voice perfectly complemented by Jean’s emotive piano arrangements.

Jean Hackett (keyboard) is a native of Dublin, (Ireland) and a professional piano teacher. Having studied piano since childhood, she holds a diploma in classical performance from the prestigious London College of Music. Jean chose to broaden her musical education by studying jazz performance for two years at the highly-regarded Newpark Music Centre in Dublin. She has done gigs in New York and Dublin. She has an eclectic taste in music, and is a big fan of The Doors.

Marita Connolly (vocals) is also a Dubliner, and has studied both piano and voice since childhood. She spent three years studying music in University College Dublin and left with an honours degree. She works full-time as a piano teacher, devoting her free time to songwriting. Her favourite singers are Judy Collins, Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell.

Our aim is to always create songs with catchy, memorable melodies, and also give our listeners something new and unique to listen to. We don't fill out our sound with heavy guitars and thumping drums, what the listener gets is a simple but beautiful sound, one that is always a pleasure, and never a chore, to listen to.

Set List

Our typical set runs to approximately one hour, but that can be lengthened or shortened depending on the time available in a gig. We usually include a couple of cover versions, such as "Everybody Here Wants You" by Jeff Buckley, and "Folk Song" by The Sundays. The rest of our set is made up of our own original songs.