Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
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Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society


Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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"Anthem" (EP)-1998
"Good Things"-2003
"After Hours"-2009


"Red Blue Skies", "A Certain Madness" and "Let Me See Your Face" are currently aired at Radio Basile. The internet radio station supports indie and rock acts and is one of the main internet rock stations in the Florida area and directed by Mr. Carlo Basile.

"After Hours" has been added at Rock & Pop Radio Station at Santiago, Chile one of the top rock/stations in the area.

"Truth, Consequences & Me" was recently aired at State Of Independence podcast #35. The podcast is also broadcast at I-Sis Radio Network and hosted by Jamm'n Jay.

"After Hours", in its entirety, has been programmed at Radio Morbihan Plus. The station is based in France and airs pop, rock and celtic music.

"Red Blue Skies", "A Certain Madness", "Velvet Dress", "Ride On" and "Live Your Life Or Else" along with the "After Hours" cd has been added at the "Factoria de Musica" radio show by Francisco Cano. "Factoria de Musica" and "Factory in Sessions" are based in Spain and broadcast at 150 radio stations (both regular and internet) in 22 countries covering Spain, Europe, Central & South America and Japan.

"Red Blue Skies" has been recently added at IradioLA/Indie 104 programming. The internet radio is based in Califonia and supports independent artists.

"After Hours" cd by Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society has been recently included at NAB Radio's internet radio programming. The station is based in North Carolina, U.S.A.

"A Certain Madness", "Ride On" and "Live Your Life Or Else" currently in rotation at 101.9 FM The Fox Internet Rocks Station. This station also broadcast online and is based in South Carolina, U.S.A.

"Ride On", "A Certain Madness" and "Velvet Dress" scheduled for airplay at Steel City Radio (Ontario/Canada).

"Red Blue Skies", "Ride On" & "A Certain Madness" from the "After Hours" new cd- currently in airplay rotation at 95x Radio-El Salvador & Canada.

"Red Blue Skies", "A Certain Madness" and "Let Me See Your Face" from the "After Hours" new cd release scheduled for airplay at Resolution Radio-New Mexico/U.S.A.

"Red Blue Skies", "A Certain Madness" and "Ride On" from the "After Hours" new cd is scheduled for airplay at The JM Show and Racetrack hour (sindicated show)-North Carolina, U.S.A & United Kingdom.


"Good Things" cd programming in its entirety at Radio Morbihan Plus-Bretange, France

"Gonna Take You Higher"-Radio Indalo/Factoria de Musica/Bodoradio (Sindicated Radio Show)-Spain, Portugal, France, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Japan and the United States.

"Gonna Take You Higher", "Shine By Me", "Rated-R","Can You Believe That Is Love?", "Soul Free","One Mile Down The Road" and "Soon You'll Know-State of Independence Radio Show & Podcast-Jammin' Jay I-Sis Radio Network-Long Island/New York.

¨Gonna Take You Higher¨ at Music Promotion Service Internet Radio-Netherlands

"Oh Donna" video showcase at Factoria de Musica Video Show at TV Aki (cable network)-Spain & Japan (Regional Markets)



Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society is an alternative rock group based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “Good Things,” the band’s second full length cd release, is the result of a series of studio sessions done at Spellbound Studios which is one of the main independent music recording studios in the Island. Jean Cabbie does all the songwriting with musical arrangements done by The Secret Admirer Society.

The members of the group are Jean Cabbie who does the lead and backing vocals and plays rhythm guitar; Eric Cabrer plays lead guitar and backing vocals and the collaboration of José Vila on drums and percussion. For live performances George David De Leon provides the bass guitar and backing vocals and Rai Torres plays the drums. Mixing elements from American and British musical influences, “Good Things” includes the following songs: “Shine By Me”, “Dirty Old Money”, “Gonna to Take You Higher” and “Rated-R”, amongst other selections included in this album.

For “Good Things”, the group have done extensive college radio promotion in the United States, Canada, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands where the band had the opportunity to do more than 50 station ids’ for radio stations that played selections from the cd and added at 83 college radio stations in the referenced areas. “Good Things” was also given light, middle and heavy rotation at some of these stations. Other promotional efforts includes internet radio promotion at The Bud & Nancy Show at Web Radio Puget Sound, Live365, Relax Radio (Australia), I-Sis Radio Network (U.S.A.), Factoria de Musica (Spain), Yellow Beat (Japan) and New Artist Radio (U.S.A.). The group has also promoted “Good Things” through music conventions such as MIDEM through A’n R Music Magazine (Australia).

Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society has been developing and updating its own home page, which can be accessed at the following address: The home page includes biography, information regarding recordings done by the group, career development news, links to the band’s video and musical previews of upcoming releases. The group have also been active at the My Space website where it is promoting four song previews from “Good Things” and the upcoming "After Hours" cd.

Currently, Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society has finished recording its third album titled "After Hours". These recordings are set for worldwide release in February 2009. The songs included for this release are the following: “Red Blue Skies”, “Do”, “A Certain Madness”, “Sweet Victoria”, “Truth, Consequences & Me”, “Live Your Life Or Else” and “Till I Belong To You”.