Jeanette Lindström

Jeanette Lindström

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

"Lindstrom sings in such a way as to invite the listener into her own world. Like waking up on a warm summer day, welcomed by birds singing. It’s a world full of depth, dimension and beauty." -


Jeanette Lindström....
..….is the singer that once prompted legendary producer Quincy Jones to voice the portentous words: “An old soul in a young singer”, and also: “She really understands what jazz is all about!”. Today Jeanette Lindström is one of Sweden’s most prized jazz singers, but at the same time she has never been opposed to stepping outside of the borders of jazz. The priority is her own band and her own compositions. Composing and performing her own material, both music and lyrics, has always played a central role in Jeanette’s musicianship.


What constitutes a good song? A catchy refrain? The perfect bridge? A hook that won’t leave you once heard? What makes a singer? Perfect pitch, stage presence, big vocal range? Not easily answered questions. The outlook and the inclinations/taste of the observer/listener probably more important than any generic or axiomatic truths. If indeed there are such. The technical aspects… of course, a good singer will sing in tune and will have the ability to carry the tune while also having the listener believe in what she/he is conveying. The diction, the timing, and acting, to get under the skin of the audience, to move, to capture and hold their interest. For two sets a night, or for the duration of an album or for that matter just for one song. It’s intangible yet very real, some have the talent innately, others don’t.

Swedish singer/composer/lyricist Jeanette Lindström is threefold gifted. She has that ability to set the imagination of the listener in movement; with her voice, her music as well as with her words. In synch. Her sixth solo album Attitude & Orbit Control serves as hard proof. A space odessey of sorts, interpersonal as well as interstellar. Micro- as well as macrocosmic forces at play. Fellow travelers include co-writing guest vocalist Robert Wyatt, a whole new band and new co-producer and drummer Magnus Öström of e.s.t. as well as lyrics contributor Sidsel Endresen.

The new album, entitled Attitude & Orbit Control, will be released in October by Diesel Music/Playground Music Scandinavia. As on most of her records A&OC comprises mainly original material, one cover, The Flaming Lips’ song All We Have Is Now, the only exception this time.

Jeanette Lindström has always been an artist keen to tour and her travels have brought her to many parts of the world, the Nordic countries as well as France, Belgium, UK, Japan and Canada. France and Canada have come to be something of second home countries to Jeanette, and her latest albums have also found their way to the hearts of the French record-buying public.


We Would

Written By: Jeanette Lindström

I won't look back
I'll try to lose
With my head held high
Give it a try

To just let go
What do I know
Maybe we will meet again
Some other time
Another life

We could dress up like Bernie and Joe
And let nobody know, as
We would float through space, through time, the air
And we'd be there till end of time

I want to stop
I won't fit in
The memories come
Where have I been

I want to fly
But don't know how

We would dress up like Bernie and Joe
And let nobody know, as
We would float through space, through time
The air
And we'd be there till end of time

We'd sail like kites
Across the sky
The stars would guide us, be our light
I thought we would stay forever in this world


Written By: Jeanette Lindström

We went walking down by the river
Holding hands
The cold made me shiver
I could hear it flow
River did you know?

oh ooh ooh ooh
oh ooh ooh

We went walking along the water
Holding hands
I'd become a walker
Evening sky in gold
Stories yet untold

oh ooh ooh ooh
oh ooh ooh

Flying high, flying low
No regrets, let it flow

Lions bathing in red and violet
Your warm hand
Like velvet
Like a stepping stone
No longer alone

Still the echoes
of our laughter
First before, and then
Ever after

Blue Room Yellow Tree

Written By: Jeanette Lindström

I'm in a blue room
I'm wiping it with my broom
Preparing it for my groom
I just don't know where he is right now

I'm wandering by the sea
I'm questioning the things I see
Falling down from a yellow tree
I'm not sure where I am
I don't know where I'll land

Questions keep on puzzling me
I'm getting dragged down from my tree
Although I want to be
Nestling in up there right now

Down on the grass now I can see
It was just due to gravity
I climb up again, up in the tree
It's easier to see from here


Written By: Jeanette Lindström

Let's go
I dare you
To take a
Way up high

Looking down
We see
You and Me

I get up and walk across the floor
I get up, can't lie here anymore

Let's go
All the way
Let's have a talk

Looking 'round
We see
Feel free
You and Me

On the sidewalk, 'cross the river
Past the fields
Come make me shiver
'Cross the lakes, across the oceans
Trees and meadows, blue and yellow
Through the warm rains, through the winds
Where eagles hover
Past the old pains
Through the light, and through the darkness
Mirror free, past gravity
You and Me
We go for a spacewalk


Attitude & Orbit Control 2009 (Playground Music Scandinavia/Diesel)
Leaf - The King Britt Remixes EP 2007 (Bonnier Amigo)
Whistling Away the Dark 2006 (Amigo Musik)
In The Middle Of This Riddle 2005 (Amigo Musik)
Walk 2003 (Amigo Musik)
I Saw You 1997 (Caprice Records)
Another Country 1995 (Caprice Records)

Feathers 2000 - duo w. Steve Dobrogosz (Prophone)
Sinatra/Weill 1999 - Norb. Big Band & Ch. Orch., Kenny Werner, Tim Hagans (Caprice Records)
ONCE 1997 w. Anders Jormin (Dragon Records)