Jeanette Lynne

Jeanette Lynne

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I'm Jeanette Lynne. I'm a 22 year old rising singer-songwriter out of Philadelphia PA. My youtube fan base increases by hundreds of subscribers a month. Every single song I write has hit potential. Finally college educated, and ready to hit the road. Ready to grow into the artist I was born to be.


-Competed in the Cream, Best of January: Philly Rising Showcase@ World Cafe Live
-5,000+ subscribers on my Youtube channel
-Featured on CXCW Special on ERK FM here:
-Competed in the We R Indie & Indiegrrl Int'l Music Conference - Songwriter Showdown 2011 in Knoxville TN
-"love and you" can be requested on 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes from 8-10pm on sundays
-No. 6 - Singer/Songwriter charts for Philadelphia PA, via reverbnation

Jeanette Lynne
Sweetheart with an angelic voice. Writes happy songs about love and loss. From the Philadelphia area, this 21 year old singer songwriter is taking off. She's currently finishing up a college degree, then has her sights on the road. With 5000+ youtube subscribers and local fans increasing each month, this Philly starlet is headed in the right direction. Check out her song "Love and You"


Love and You - Demo 2010
"Love and You" single