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The best kept secret in music


“Ms. Acquart’s vision has arrived front & center. Her melodies are dark and seductive, but they can also rock.”
..:: TIME OUT, NYC ::..
“songs of yearning strike an evanescent balance between dream and nightmare.”
..:: SA CURRENT ::..
"Jeanine is a singer with a lulling bedroom voice. This is most decent." ILIANNA LOPEZ
..:: EXPRESS-NEWS, SA ::..
“the antithesis of rock/alternative predictability and posing.” JIM BEAL JR
..:: hm Magazine, TX ::..
“Jeanine Acquart’s vocals are hauntingly dark, exotic.”
..:: WOMEN IN MUSIC ::..
"Jeanine Acquart has a powerful voice with shades of Johnette Napolitano and early Echo and the Bunnymen and the Smiths. . . cool company. LANEY GOODMAN
..:: ::..
Interview with Jeanine Acquart
..:: ::..
Interview with Jeanine Acquart
..:: The Music Paper ::..
THE MUSIC PAPER, NY “Jeanine digs deep into the well of her mind and soul to paint musical imagery that comes across as dark when exposed to most light.”
..:: Suffering Is Hip ::..
SUFFERING is HIP Magazine, USA “...a light, warm, summer night breeze billows through your hair causing your Isadora Duncan scarves to flutter out the back of the car a la Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Attending one these shows would be a most memorable event.”
..:: TGL ::..
TGL, NY “intense blend of rock eroticism, agonized turmoil and spiritual ecstasy.”

- CircusMag to TimeOut NYC

CD Reviews Jeanine
Paris by Night
By: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Artist: Jeanine
Title: Paris by Night
Genre: Alternative Rock
Website: http://

One look at the cover and title of this CD, Paris By Night, would seem to indicate that this could very well be a jazz CD, which was my first impression; then again, you cannot judge a book by its cover now can you? Jeanine Acquart is an alternative rock singer, nothing that is even close to jazz. I know many of you are probably thinking right now-thank God! I want to rock. You will have a great time taking in Jeanine’s new outing.

Acquart’s quirky vocals backed by above average musicianship won’t blow you away like a metal or prog-rock recording would but it most certainly will catch your ear and make you want to hear it a few times before you put it away for another mood, another day, a different girl or guy, well, you get my drift. I found the juxtaposition of the lyrics to be very interesting. “Turned On Me” could have just as easily been it polar opposite “You Turned Me On,” but its not, it is in fact dark and angry with music to match…

I can sit with my tormentors
And hold hard onto my wise tongue
A first for me but the only way
For me to get on.
I sinned, I am sorry
Stood there for the flogging
And never heard a word from you

No, these are not lyrics with sweet kisses and remembrances, they are that of an enraged lover that is dying to cut the chains loose that hold her down and lock her lips. She wants out of her little box so her persecutors and tormentors will be forced to face the truth. Ahh, so much anguish in one song, but wait, there is even more that awaits you in other songs. You see, this is why it works so well, the music is perfect for the vocals of Jeanine, and she sings each song as if she lived every moment, and perhaps she did. A quick guitar riff here punctuated by a tight rhythm section there, and viola, the singer has a stage set to let her vocals finish the job that the music starts.

This is some serious music that are meant to let your inhibitions run rampant as you shake your fist in the air and get ready to tell your partner in life what really is boiling inside that cauldron of emotions that nobody ever sees or bears witness to. Isn’t music great? What a therapeutic way to have fun. Do yourself a favor, enjoy the sounds primarily then dive into the lyrics, and then listen again, only then will you come to understand what I have been talking about.

*Evolution Scale: 7.5/10

Please visit the Jeanine website at
- Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Paris By Night - 2004
"Shower Of Blood" - Soundtrack
"I Never Meant To Hurt You" - Soundtrack
Militia Promotions Underground - Vol 1 & 2
Last Door - Crack Records
Dawning - Seraph Records
Black Darker - Delinquant Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


JEANINE'S music was actually born in the bowels of NYC. It's roots are entangled in the daily slamming of cultural and artistic diversity. It's a rude heads-up to screeching subways and tantalizing dream-walks through sexual embraces of warm caresses and tantalizing kisses.

Jeanine has managed to twist the elements of pop music with smooth powerful vocals that encase themselves in rough and dark melodies that spark of desire, loss, betrayal and release. In essence she ROCKS.

Some of the loss felt by Jeanine is spiritual. Some of the loss is cultural. She is a soul that has traveled many borders and experienced many loves. Now she has drifted to the plains that was her home in Texas and her longing for more is intense.

Her intense stage presence pounds into the audience the power, dark drama, and moodiness of her music.

JEANINE has released 4 CDs, 2 music videos, & appear on 3 movie soundtracks. They have toured the three coasts of this country. Jeanine has taken her music to many countries in Europe and revels in the feeling of her stage being bombarded by flowers in Romania.