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Serious Rock - Dark, Spirtual, Sensuous... Imagine Concrete Blonde, Creed, Blondie with a bit of U2 for good measure.


JEANINE'S music was actually born in the bowels of NYC. It's roots are entangled in the daily slamming of cultural and artistic diversity. It's a rude heads-up to screeching subways and tantalizing dream-walks through sexual embraces of warm caresses and tantalizing kisses.

Jeanine has managed to twist the elements of pop music with smooth powerful vocals that encase themselves in rough and dark melodies that spark of desire, loss, betrayal and release. In essence she ROCKS.

Some of the loss felt by Jeanine is spiritual. Some of the loss is cultural. She is a soul that has traveled many borders and experienced many loves. Now she has drifted to the plains that was her home in Texas and her longing for more is intense.

Her intense stage presence pounds into the audience the power, dark drama, and moodiness of her music.

JEANINE has released 4 CDs, 2 music videos, & appear on 3 movie soundtracks. They have toured the three coasts of this country. Jeanine has taken her music to many countries in Europe and revels in the feeling of her stage being bombarded by flowers in Romania.


Paris By Night - 2004
"Shower Of Blood" - Soundtrack
"I Never Meant To Hurt You" - Soundtrack
Militia Promotions Underground - Vol 1 & 2
Last Door - Crack Records
Dawning - Seraph Records
Black Darker - Delinquant Records

Set List

45 min - 1.5 hr all original
A rare cover of "WHITE RABBIT"