Jeanine London

Jeanine London


Folk brought down from the mountain top. Intimate musical venues to open-air festivals. Jeanine London a singer/songwriter, featuring acoustic guitar; folk rock style. Passionate, lyric driven performances take audiences to the edge of their seats. Now joining forces with Mark ThunderWolf!


Ranging from ballad to battle cry, Jeanine London's music takes the audience for a ride with no holes barred performances. Jeanine is currently recording with a new band, merging Fok/Rock with new age jams. The 2007 Uncle Tom's Album tour starts off with a drop party May, 2007, and wraps up with a stint in the UK.

Recent recordings reflect 30+ years of putting life to lyrics. The current CD, Uncle Tom's Album features songs like, If I Knew Then, and I Got Wheels, fun and rollicking, and I Just Wanted You, C'mon Now and More Than That, sweet, soft and soulful.

Jeanine's 'take no prisoners' attitude reaches through her lyrics, not just in protest tunes like Come By Here, and Run Little Children, but in the heart grabbing lyrics of You Don't Love Me Like That Anymore, and I'm Done Crying. More than a singer/songwriter, but all about the lyric, Jeanine's unpolished but not unrefined stage presence gives any venue an intimate ambiance.

Jeanine London grew up playing guitar and singing in church and performed in churches across the U.S. and in Japan. Influenced by the harmonies and styles of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the songwriting of James Taylor and John Denver, and the complete abandon of Janis Joplin, Jeanine took to performing in coffeehouses, street corners and open mics.

More recent performances include the an appearance on Good Day Iowa, Fox CH. 28, the Cherry Days Festival & Mountain Harvest Festival, Pizza My Heart and The Blue Sage Center for the Performing Arts in Paonia, The Soul Garden in Montrose, and Main Street Bagels in Grand Junction, KVNF Public Radio, You Might Forget 1997, Interview 2001, Colorado; the Great Falls Farmer's Market 2005 season, The Neighart Gospel Music festival, The Straw House 2005 summer season, the Helena Chamber of Commerce block party, Helena, Montana. Cafe Paradiso, Fairfield, & 4th Avenue Bar & Grill, Washington, Iowa, & The Stir Fry Cafe, Knoxville, and Lyrix, The Commodore, Cafe Coco in Nashville, TN.

Jeanine recently won the semi-finals in the WFIV Songwriter's Competition in Knoxville, TN. and will compete in the finals May 10, 2007.

C'mon Now, off the Uncle Tom's Album CD has been chosen for the TE' Sing Out Loud compilation CD & is now getting airplay at

Shelter From the Storm has been signed by Blue Pie Productions for Hurricane Healing.

Currently Jeanine divides her time between writing and performing and building a log cabin in the remote mountains of Montana, by hand, from scratch. Living “off the grid” and creating a self-sustaining environment, Jeanine’s modern homesteader experience adds texture to her most recent writing, and creates a neoAmericana twist of Hard Rock heart and a Folk singer’s soul.

Uncle Tom's Album drops with the recording of a live performance and gallery showing of Jeanine's artwork in Spring 2007 in Great Falls, Montana. The DVD from this event and the Uncle Tom's Album 2007 Tour will be released in January 2008.

Latest reviews have come from the neighboring coyote packs who rate the Uncle Tom's Album CD, "Best pick for a howling good time". More important are the rave comments of fans, and the inevitable call backs they demand. Uncle Tom’s Album was created in direct response to the demands of fans. Uncle Tom’s Album, still in production, is on Jeanine London’s own Stand Alone Music label.

The enclosed CD is a rough demo of Uncle Tom's Album.
More information and video can be found at Jeanine's website -

Mark ThunderWolf -

Mark ThunderWolf is a Native American flutist and recording artist of Lakota and
Eastern Band Cherokee Wolf Clan descent. He was born in Chattanooga, TN, the son
of a musician who had mastered many instruments during his lifetime. As a child,
Mark watched and listened to his father play guitar, fiddle, organ and piano all by ear.
Mark often dreamed of being a musician on stage and as a teenager bought an acoustic
twelve-string guitar and later a dobro acoustic guitar but never quite connected with
Either instrument. While in high school he was given a harmonica and quickly mastered
it playing along with popular songs on the radio. Over the years he jammed with
friends and bands at bars and made many guest appearances with local bands across
the country but always felt something was missing.

In the spring of 2001 while working in southern California he visited a wolf sanctuary
where the woman who ran it gifted him his first flute. Mark cannot read or write music,
but as his father had taught him to do with any instrument, he began playing by ear.
It didn’t take long to for him to learn the rudiments of the Native American instrument.
As he practiced every weekend at the sanctuary, the wolves, eagles, redtail hawks and
ravens taught him how to connect to them through his flutes. He sold his beloved
Harley-Davidson named “Ethyl” and used the money to record


If I Knew Then

Written By: Jeanine London

If I knew then what I know now, I'd have seen you comin'.
If I knew then what I know now, I have hit the ground running.
If I knew then what I know now, I never would have let you turn my heart around.
If I knew then what I know now , I'd have seen you comin'.

I am certafiable. Lord, God, that's undeniable. But you have set the standard high.
I'll never reach the heights of the insanity inside your mind, but God knows I love to try.

You knew it all along. You were gonna do me wrong. But I never had a clue. I was so in love with you. Now every day from dusk 'til dawn I dream about you being gone. If I knew then what I know now, I'd have seen you comin'.

You waltzed right into my life looking just like the Angel of Light. But that's how the devil appears, promising to dry your tears. Well, it was just a matter of time before I opened up my little mind. Now I'm getting the hell out of hear.

C'mon Now

Written By: Jeanine London

It's gotta be some kind of amazing. It's gotta be some kind of wonder. It's gotta be some kind of unbelievable, undeniable miracle.

It's gotta be something I ain't never heard of. It's gotta be something I ain't never seen. It's gotta be something out of this world. Something like you babe, something like me.

C'mon, c'mon now. How can there be any doubt? I know exactly what I see, yeah. Baby, my eyes ain't been deceived. C'mon baby, let's believe.

It's gotta be some kind of love affair. Like people read about in magazines. Like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, dancing through life on angel feet.

It's gotta be something everybody wants. It's gotta be something I can't believe I've got. It's gotta be something I won't live without. Takes from the bottom baby, right to the top.

A little bit of dreaming ain't gonna hurt us none baby. A little bit of devil my care. A little bit of love's gonna get it done baby. Take my hand and I'll take you there, I'll take you there, I'll take you there.

Come By Here

Written By: Jeanine London

The sooner you wise up
the sooner you'll rise up.
Take no prisoners. Show no fear.
Oh, baby, just give in.
You can start livin'.
May the vision come by here.
Come by here.

As soon as you see it
you won't believe it.
Baby I'm hopin' you'll open your mind.
Why don't you just dive in
You know they've been lyin'.
It's o.k. you can let the light shine.
Let the light shine.

(Chorus) Now the choice is yours, you can open up the door and set the captive free.
But I know that you will find when you open up your mind
you won't like what you see.
So baby quit the game,
stand up and say your name.
And let the vision come by here.
Come by here.
Come by here.

(Rap) If you really believed in freedom
you'd let me build my own kingdom.
And I could get a little work done
before the setting of the sun.
Tell me why you walk when you can run.
Tell me why you talk when you could listen.
Ah, quit the game son and have some fun son and understand you are the only one son.
Out of the flow you must go
to find the way to the light of day.
Just follow the light inside you.
It was given to you to guide you.
And you got what you need to get through.
Ah, you'd be there now if you only knew.
You're like a star in the sky flyin',
spinnin' round the sun shinin'
your light on everyone that's hidin'.
From the beginning of time until the end,
you know it's gonna come around again.
So, don't worry 'bout the path for you.
Do what your heart tells you to.


Jeanine London: Uncle Tom's Album, (Stand Alone Music, 2006) If I Knew Then, I Just Wanted You, C'mon Now, Comfort Me, I Got Wheels, I Want to be a Cowboy, More Than That, When We Were In Love, Uncle Tom, Seventh One, Don't Ask Me on Monday:
Shelter From the Storm (Written for Katrina Relief Benefit);
San Juans, Come By Here, Stoned Again, All We Know, Meant to Be.

Mark ThunderWolf -
Mark appears on television and radio stations wherever he performs. Aboriginal Voices Radio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and National Public Radio in Binghamton, NY and Santa Fe, NM and KRIR in Richmond, VA are just a few of stations that have interviewed him and play his music regularly. He has also been the featured artist on Native and his music is currently featured on their weekly programs. Mark’s music has developed a following that has stretched across the Atlantic Ocean into the entire United Kingdom where he has been featured several times on the BBC network, including the BBC World Service program. Radio stations in the Celtic regions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and France, air his music regularly. He has received requests to tour the UK and plans to do so in the near future. The Celts identify strongly with the Native American culture and are drawn to the haunting, meditative quality of his music.

Here are a few stations that air Mark’s music regularly:

KMUD Radio Redway, CA
WSKG NPR Binghamton, NY
Aboriginal Voices Radio Toronto, Canada
Cape Breton Radio Nova Scotia, Canada Internet radio
KNOM Radio Nome, Alaska (which reaches listeners in Siberia Russia and Japan)
BBC Radio 2 London, England UK (which broadcasts throughout the UK and Europe)
GMR Radio Manchester, England UK
BBC Radio Scotland Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Radio Clyde Scotland, UK
Radio Highland Scotland, UK
Vale of Leven Hospital Radio/Radio Lennox Alexandria, Dunbartonshire & Strathclyde Scotland, UK (aired constantly by requests from staff and patients)
Radio Wales UK
BBC Radio Ulster, Ireland, UK
KRFM in Southern Ireland, UK
Basque Radio Spain Europe (which covers Southern France & Northern Spain)
Nippon Radio Japan
KRIR Radio Richmond, VA
WWW.AWESOMERADIO.NET (an international internet radio broadcast)
Hear Mark's music at and at and

Set List

My performances consist mostly of original music, but I also cover Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, & others. With the band we spin most of our tunes into Grateful Dead/Phish style jams. Now with Mark ThunderWolf and Yellow Moon our concerts are seriously intense events. We can accommodate any size venue.
Depending on the venue, I play two or three 45 minute sets. For theater venues I play two hours with intermission.
I will also share venues with other artists. I will perform as an openning act, or a "tweener" for music festivals. I have past experience doing television and radio interviews, planning and hosting events and can act as MC in any venue.
With Mark Thunderwolf we alternate indvidual performances and perform together to end the performance on a high-spirited crescendo.