Dallas, Texas, USA

This sound is the lovechild of Pharrell Williams & Madonna. With Sade and Ceelo Green as God parents... sent to Kanye West University for studies. Double majoring in Will-I-Am and Babyface. The face of musical versatility and the new music genre luxe hop.The place where timeless meets the future.


Born up north, south of the Juan de Fuca strait, home of Puget sounds, Tacoma, Washington. Raised in a place totally different as by culture, music, food and state of mind birthplace of jazz, great people and mardi gras, Louisiana New Orleans that is. The design major, (who's first job was at the New Orleans Heritage & Jazz Fest, born of Italian-Creole, Jamaican, Mulatto heritage, also melange of a talent, always found herself on the inside of music, arts, philanthropy and entertainment. By way of fashion shows at the age of 4, singing in stage plays at the age of 6, writing poetry at the age of 8, rapping at 9 and writing songs by the age of 12, designing and expressing herself creatively would become second nature; only to discover later it was her first.

The natural, raw and full-lipped voice would soon create a lane for her to embody, having auditioned for American Idol, Ex Factor and almost opened for Drake, put told she wasn't urban enough. "I've been writing songs for other artists and now Id like to focus on myself. I can't look back on this year!", she says with excitement in knowing that is one of the best decisions she's ever made. Having written with local and few already signed artists, scripts for short films, comedies, video treatments and lyrics for both rappers and singers, to also have performed at SXSW her desire to work on her own craft has become prominent, especially being an unsigned, multi-talented visonary. Inspired by Kanye West, Grace Jones, Sade, Cee-lo, Drake, Madonna, Lauryn Hill, Pharrell, Retro music, classical compositions, Opera, Frank Ocean and Beyonce to name a few, I'm certain she will flip the music industry on its ear. "It's like Im baking something from scratch, the finest things are always made that way. Organic. I can't wait to say bite me! Since raw talent has never went out of style and style can never be purchased, we are ready to see what her gifts will give to us!


The Artist. Giver. Expressionist.


To live inside of comfort by fear is like signing a permission slip for suicide. Fear kills. It is not of God.