Jeannie Lushes and the Blues Boys

Jeannie Lushes and the Blues Boys


Lushes & Blues Boys add to Blues a touch of R&B with a Swing & rock feel to accomondate those toe tapping patrons who keep the bar standing to the dancers who bring in the atmosphere. Our target are big lovin' women who are enjoying what is and the men who simply love to watch or a bit of both!


About Jeannie Lushes & the Bad Blues Boys
Jeannie Lushes.....Within the ordinary scope of expectations she exists almost wholly, but in the dim blue light...there is a sway of a hip...there is an elusive allure...and there is a voice as vibrant as dynamo and as subtle as smoke curling in a bar. The formation of Jeannie Lushes,(Lubricators), was in 2000 as a 50's rockabilly band. For four years, Ms Lushes entertained patrons with this raw sound but was always itching to do what she loved most. Lushes aquired an early love for gospel and blues music and so she put away the blue suede shoes and the birth of 'Blues' became. With the influences of the 'Antone Women', the formation of 'Jeannie Lushes & the Bad Blues Boys begun. Jeannie is staffed by our city's best blues musicians. Guitarist Mark, (HARPO), Greenway, Electric/Double Bass, Glenn Simkin, Drummer seat shared between Rob O'Toole, Ray Tully(Straight 8s) or Shane Antonie (Redliners), with Horn Section, Joe Greenway. On stage these six dynamics exudes qualities of cool reserve that is directly at odds with the torrid emotions they conjure up in a song, simply an elusive contradiction between blues, soul and rock. The one thing these six musicians have in common is a dedication to mastering their craft. Each is a singular talent!


Bang Bang: Jeannie Lushes & the Lubricators 2003
Hot Tamale Babe: Jeannie Lushes & the Blues Boys 2008

Set List

Influences are Antone Blues Women: Louanne Barton; Marcia Ball; Angela Streghli; Sue Fowley; Candye Kane; Etta James; Stevie Ray Vaughn; Muddy Waters.
Sets can last for 45-60 mins per set.
We have up to 100 songs in our repertoire which allows us to work within the culture of the venue and patrons.