JEANNIE TANNER - Vocalist, Composer & Trumpeter

JEANNIE TANNER - Vocalist, Composer & Trumpeter


JEANNIE TANNER is an award winning vocalist, trumpeter & songwriter. Her original music is a fusion of jazz, pop, R&B & Latin rhythms. She performs solo (playing piano & singing), duo, trio & with her quartet in clubs & for private events.


JEANNIE TANNER, Chicago Entertainer

“…Her singing is as lyrical as her trumpet playing, but more subtle and delicately nuanced. The silvery quality of her vocal tone, the pliancy of her rhythms and the originality of her compositions attest to her depth as a jazz musician…”

Jeannie Tanner is an award winning composer, vocalist and trumpeter who performs and records her original jazz-pop music (a mix of jazz, pop, R&B and Latin rhythms) with her band, the Jeannie Tanner Quartet. Her music has been used for many TV/film projects, including Culinary Travels with Dave Eckert (PBS), shows on VH1, Days of Our Lives, and indie feature films such as Reconstellation, an entrance at the Sundance Festival.

Ms. Tanner’s last four c.d.s - YOU CAN KISS ME INTO ANYTHING (Tanner Time Records, 2010), A LITTLE BIT OF CHRISTMAS (Tanner Time Records, 2009), PROMISE ME THE MOON (Tanner Time Records - December, 2008) and TANNER TIME (Tanner Time Records, 2007) were all on the nominating list for Grammy consideration in nine categories, including Best Traditional Pop Album (PROMISE ME THE MOON) - ala the Great American Songbook) and Best Jazz Vocal Album (TANNER TIME).

New Release: JOYFUL SEASON (Tanner Time Records, 2013) is Tanner's eighth solo release. This CD features five original holiday songs written by Ms. Tanner, and she sings & plays trumpet on the album.  It also features fresh arrangements of holiday favorites, including "Hark The Herald Angels Sing," arranged by Lisa McQueen, with a "Take Five," feel. Most of the tracks have been signed to Heavy Hitters Music in L.A. for tv & film consideration.  The CD has also been submitted for Grammy consideration for Best Traditional Pop Album.

"PROMISE ME THE MOON has got to be one of Jeannie's best recordings to date--It swings from start to finish. And I'm so impressed with her songwriting. She writes new songs that come off, at first listen, like standards--like songs we've known and sung along with for years and years. The title track is my favorite, followed by the European remix of "C'est Bon, C'est Bon." And, Jeannie was dynamite on ABC!" -Rick O’Dell, WLFM/87.7 Chicago's Smooth Jazz midday DJ & Program Director

“…Strong melodies and catchy lyrics are what many of today’s composers struggle to create. Tanner makes it sound easy throughout the c.d. The first tune on the recording is the title track, “Promise Me the Moon.” The first time listening it sounds like a nice medium tempo tune with some interesting lyrics, however after playing it a few more times I found myself singing the tune the rest of the day…”
-Mike Jeffers, Editor (Chicago Jazz Magazine)

A LITTLE BIT OF CHRISTMAS was Tanner’s limited holiday release in December 2009, and seven of the thirteen tracks have been signed for upcoming television and film projects. This was her first Christmas recording.

YOU CAN KISS ME INTO ANYTHING is Tanner’s seventh solo release. It is a c.d. filled with upbeat blues, Latin rhythms and traditional jazz echoes. It was released Valentine’s Weekend, 2010 at Andy’s Jazz Club in Chicago and sold out both nights. Seven of the nine tracks have also been signed for upcoming film and tv projects.

The variety of tunes on this new c.d. showcase Tanner’s breadth and talent as a songwriter and musician. Tanner’s distinguishing feat as a composer lies in her ability to fuse the spontaneity of old school jazz with memorable lyrics and musical hooks that give her music broad appeal. YOU CAN KISS ME INTO ANYTHING features genuinely inspired work by her quartet: Lisa McQueen, piano; Cory Biggerstaff, bass; and Darlene DuFay on drums.

The Jeannie Tanner Quartet brought down the house at Taste of Chicago, headlining on the Best Buy Stage. The JTQ has performed on WGN and ABC in Chicago; and the quartet has played to a sold out crowds at Andy’s Jazz Club in Chicago. Ms. Tanner has performed the National Anthem for the Chicago Cubs, White Sox and Bulls. She has opened for Kurt Elling (at the Park West) and Tony Orlando (Pheasant Run Resort); and shared the stage with Joan Cusack, Studs Terkel and a host of other beloved Chicagoans.

Ms. Tanner has performed and recorded with drummer Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan & Garbage); bassist Brett Simons (Mighty Blue Kings & Jennifer Love Hewitt); bassist Clark Sommers (Kurt Elling, Cedar Walton & Ernie Watts); amazing pianists such as Ryan Cohan (arranger for the Chicago Symphony Jazz Ensemble and Ramsey Lewis), Dan Cray, Jeremy Kahn - just to name a few; multi-instrumentalist & composer Scott Bennett.


Shine in My Backyard

Written By: Jeannie Tanner

When are the stars, gonna' shine in my backyard; when are the stars gonna' shine through this rain? When are the stars, gonna' shine in my backyard; when are the stars, gonna' shine through this pain?
Verse I
I'v had enough of heartache; lettin' my emotions rule; and fightin' for survival - this world can be so cruel.
Verse II
My pocket book is empty; you'd think by now I'd learn; don't never take nothin' for granted, cause in the end you'll only get burned.
Lookin' at this picture; the colors have all faded; thinkin' bout my future; God I wish it wasn't so jaded.


Written By: Jeannie Tanner

Verse I
I don't cook very well, and I'm always running late; I don't grow flowers in the garden; and I'll never bake you a cake.
But one thing I can guarantee, is baby, you've got the real me, I'll love you up when the sun goes down, then I'll take you out and we'll paint the town...
Red, fabulous red
Hot, red
Ooh, red
Verse II
I'm not that into fashion; it's just not my thing; I don't need a lot of diamonds; I don't need all that bling bling.
Well, red is the color of roses
And, it's the color of heat
It says you're my one and only
Yeah, it makes my red heart beat
Drums are rollin' in my head
When I think about the fabulous color of red
Your lips, your kisses, like fine wine
Sexy, fiery, just my kind

Promise Me the Moon

Written By: Jeannie Tanner

Music & Lyrics by
Jeannie Tanner

Verse I

Promise me the moon, and I'll promise you my love;
As the sky slowly dims with the milky way above;
Midnight blue invites us, to walk hand in hand;
Whispering sweet nothings to my lover, my best friend.

Promise me the world, and I'll turn you on your axis;
Promise me forever, with a lifetime of your kisses;
Promise me the moon, here's my heart with lock and key;
Promise me my baby, that you belong to me.

Verse II

Promise me the moon, and I'll promise you my love;
It's never all or nothing, but it's what dreams are made of;
Running through my mind, a picture perfectly;
Of a life with you, I can clearly see.

Promise me your time, enjoying all the hours;
Of pleasure filled, romantic days, years of wine and flowers;
Promise me the moon, nights of music, stars and laughter;
Promise me that we, are the happy ever after.

© Copyright 2009 / RJT & Company Music & Publishing


Written By: Jeannie Tanner

There are no lyrics - this is an instrumental song. Thank you.

Ya More Than Satisfy

Written By: Jeannie Tanner

The way that you love me, ya more than satisfy (2x)
Cuz you're right in the pocket, and oh it feels so nice.

I said the way that you move me, I could go all night (2x)
Cuz the way that you love me, ya more than satisfy.

Ya heat me up, I lose control
Throw my head back and I can just let go
Cuz you're right in the pocket, and oh feels so nice.
It's just the way that you love me, you more than satisfy.

There's somethin' about you, you make me feel alive (2x)
It's just the way that you love me, ya more than satisfy.

Well I'm still amazed, that it could be this good (2x)
Don't ever stop, make my body yours.

Make me rock, make me roll
Do the bedroom boogie, from head to toe
Cuz what you do to me, your rhythm's right on time
It's just the way that you love me, ya more than satisfy.

Solos then repeat last 3 verses

Those That Lie In Between

Written By: Jeannie Tanner

Verse I
I don't say black or white, for those are confining terms;
And is it day or night, as this feeling in my heart, still burns.
Am I really here on earth, to live someone else's passions;
I'll be what I was at birth, establishing my own fashions.

Oh don't you see, that there are those that lie in between;
The grays of life - not always what they may seem -
Those That Lie In Between.

Verse II
Don't ask for a time, for time is relative in your mind;
I'll tell you a riddle, some of us were created, in the middle.
Keep spacial distance, avoiding sounds that confirm your fears...
For there is resistance, with no understanding can only come tears.

Oh don't you see, that there are those that lie in between;
The grays of life - not always what they may seem -
Those That Lie In Between.

Instrumental Bridge

Verse III
Look at society, binding and binding with all its rules;
Hypocritical piety, those in control are merely fools.
I walk a tightrope, never looking up, or looking down;
I just know I'm happy, with this inner truth, that I have found.

Oh don't you see, that there are those that lie in between;
The grays of life - not always what they may seem -
Those That Lie In Between.

Vamp out on bridge changes...


VEGAS - Limited release / 2012 (for tv & film projects)
YOU CAN KISS ME INTO ANYTHING (2010) Tanner Time Records
A LITTLE BIT OF CHRISTMAS (2009) Tanner Time Records
PROMISE ME THE MOON (2008) - all tracks are currently receiving airplay in the USA, on-line and in Europe.
TANNER TIME (2007) - all tracks are currently receiving airplay in the U.S.A., on-line and in Europe.
THOSE THAT LIE IN BETWEEN (2005) - Darwin Records
OUT OF THE BLUE (1998) - Deerpath Music/Darwin Records
ANYTIME, ANYWHERE (1993) - J&M Records

Set List

Setlist for a typical 3 hour gig
* = Original Tunes (written by Jeannie Tanner)

Set 1
I've Got Rhythm - (arr from TANNER TIME)
*Promise Me the Moon
Bernie’s Tune (arr from TANNER TIME)
*Escape from the World
*Reflections in Mirrors
My Funny Valentine (uptempo Latin)
*One Lifetime
Green Dolphin Street (all Latin)
That's All (up-tempo Latin)
Don't Know Why (Norah Jones)
Rock Me Baby - blues

Set 2
Satin Doll
*C’est Bon, C’est Bon
You Don't Know Me (ala Ray Charles)
*Can't Believe That It's You
How High the Moon
At Last
*Kiss Me
*Shine in My Backyard
*Fred and Ginger
Song for My Father
Angel Eyes
*Comfort Zone
Freddie the Freeloader
Look of Love
Killer Joe

Set 3
Watermelon Man
Route 66
*Mr. Midnight
*I’m Whistling a Tune
Over the Rainbow
Stormy Weather
You Go to My Head (relaxed bossa)
All Blues
When I Fall in Love
Night in Tunisia
Killing Me Softly
Nature Boy
*Been Around the World

Extras: All