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"Popcorn with sound"

(original text german) The name of his debut album is Born Ready. A title that marks the start for a great career in the music business. A title, that means a lot more to Jean Nolan. For him it means to have done the right thing at the right time.
He began writing songs at 14 in Klagenfurt, Austria where he grew up. Three years ago he decided to make a living out of his biggest hobby. In 2009 Jean was at the right place at the right time when he found producer and Freiaudio Records owner Andi Frei. 'Andi was the first to introduce me to the professional music business and produced my debut album Born Ready', Jean says with gratitude.
In February, 2010, the Austrian Newcomer Award, one of Europes most respected Awards, was given to Jean. The jury was impressed by the package deal - 'Jean is an outstanding songwriter, singer and performer' they wrote in the press release. 'He is an artist with his own product, his own lyrics and his own music. Jean Nolan is unique', says Johannes Habich, a man who made a name for himself by building up brand names and now helps with the career building of Jean Nolan. Jean relesed his debut album Born Ready in June. 'I've written every song on the album' Jean says with pride. His music is special and unique. 'It's a mix of Pop Rock and Country', Jean says,'I like to call it popcorn'. Why popcorn? 'Because popcorn is always a good thing'.

It's been a very productive year for Jean: the Austrian Newcomer Award, a gig in front of 30.000 people at a national hockey game, the release of his album Born Ready and the first single Lottery, which was picked up by the National Lottery Company and promoted nationwide through their website and commercials.
For the rest of the year Jean is touring and connecting with new audiences.
The music business is known to be a tough one, ups and downs are normal. Jean doesn't mind. The singer and musician used to be a professional alpine skier, who never made it into the world cup. 'Unlike now, my timing was horrible. I had the wrong injuries at the wrong time' he tells us . 'The upside is',Jean says, 'I learned to take responsibility for my actions. You learn a lot about life as an athelete.'

Nobody is thinking about setbacks now, because - A new star is born. Right place, right time. Born Ready... - KTZ Journal

"Album Review Jean Nolan"

(original in german) He has the gift to write songs which transport real emotions. He is a sophisticated observer and a man lead by his instincts. Of course he made up his MIND about making music. Jean Nolan, the songwriter from Austria, is uncompromisingly on his way to inspire a lot of people with his music. His album contains 14 chances to get inspired. Somewhere between Pop, Rock and Country, only commited to his own preferences, his music leaves more than a scent mark, his voice is truly unique. The man is blessed with talent, charisma and a fantastic sense for good music. Check out: Lottery, I Can Hear The Wise Man Say - Oberösterreichische Nachrichten


(original text german) Play Lottery on your iPod or CD player. You can download Jean Nolan's Lottery for free at If you donwload Jean's first single from his debut album Born Ready you'll also get the chance to win... - Kronen Zeitung


JEAN NOLAN - Crazy (Single) - Radio Airplay

JEAN NOLAN - "Born Ready"

1. Born Ready (4:12) Single - Radio Airplay
2. New Beginning (3:40)
3. Summer´s Long Gone (3:46)
4. Lottery (3:09) Single - Radio Airplay
5. Roll On, Rollercoaster (2:56)
6. But I Know (3:46)
7. You Will Have It All (4:24)
8. Ain´t No (3:10)
9. I Still Feel (2:36)
10. Really Real (2:29)
11. I Can Hear The Wise Man Say (4:09)
12. American Too (3:02)
13. Little Boy Jim (2:21)
14. I Won´t Back Down (1:53)



Winner of the AUSTRIAN NEWCOMER AWARD 2010...

Debut Album BORN READY released in 2010...

35.000 people at his live shows in 2010...

Connecting with YOU in 2011...

Ever wondered what ‘Guitar-driven Enthusiastic Pop-Rock Cowboy Storytelling Music’ sounds like?
Well, now you wonder, right?
That’s exactly what the upcoming singer and songwriter Jean Nolan does – he takes his audience on a musical journey of hopes, dreams and the confidence of love. ‘The concerts are about leaving your every day life at the entrance and getting inspired, energized, and encouraged to be an active part of the experience’, Jean says.

His every day life has changed when he, along with producer Andi Frei, recorded his self written debut Album ‘Born Ready’, which was released in June, 2010.
In 2010, the AUSTRAIN NEWCOMER AWARD, one of Europes most respected Newcomer Awards, has been given to Jean after putting the 2500+ crowd at the price giving ceremony into the sing-along mode.

Critics call him a ‘good observer, lead by his instincts, who transports real feelings and emotions through his songs’.
Christian Lehner, former Austrian National Radio host says Jean Nolan could be the first Austrian Act in a long time to make it big time in the international music business.

His first single ‘Lottery’, a song about a lottery winner, was picked up by the Austrian Lottery Company and promoted nationwide through their website and commercials.
The follow-up single Born Ready made into the heavy rotation as well and received a lot of attention among industry insiders and fans.
When asked what musical preferences future fans might have, Jean says, ‘Love, Hope, Enthusiasm…and if you like Keith Urban the odds are on my side.’
Born ins Slovenia and growing up in Austria still doesn’t make Jean an European, ‘I have a heart of maple ever since my first trip to Canada’, he says with a smile, 'Honestly, I'm a citizen of the earth, home is where my family is.' Jean is currently promoting his Debut Album Born Ready and connecting with audiences who might like his Guitar Driven Enthusiastic Pop-Rock Cowboy Storytelling Music…