Jean-Paul De Roover
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Jean-Paul De Roover

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Solo Pop Alternative


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”Watching him perform onstage was like watching shattered glass piece itself back together; the songs started out as small fragments of a whole, and slowly coalesced into their proper form...This is what pop music should sound like; it should sound like a dream, because dreams are where our desires come from, and pop music speaks to our desires...He actually reminds me of Steven Page, the former vocalist for the Barenaked Ladies.” - Toronto Rhapcity

"Relentless beats and surges of complex harmony. Lyrics full of real talk. 
A sumptuous travelogue through the chambers of an artist's heart." - Paul Corby (Corby's Orbit) - Radio Regent

"a clean, sharp, and resonating chapter of music." - Mady Ritzker - The Navigator

“He is a sensitive singer with a flexible voice, he lays down harmonies and background sounds (including percussive noises) with an ease and facility that is amazing to watch/hear. He reminds me at various times of Brian Wilson, or Lindsey Buckingham.” – David Kidney - Rylander Quarterly Online

“I’m a ‘metal guy’. Everyone knows that ‘metal guy’s’ don’t use the word gorgeous to describe music. One listen to Jean-Paul De Roover’s debut full length ‘Windows and Doors’ and I caught myself saying it over and over again. There is an incredible attention to detail that a lot of other people either miss or ignore… [he] has a fantastic sense of melody, song craft and a devious mind when it comes to musical experimentation. – Jason Wellwood - CILU 102.7fm

“Windows and Doors is a mixed bag – but that just adds to the whole theme of choices, the listener has a variety to pick from and no choice is the wrong one.” – Jessica Ireland - Interrobang

“Armed with an acoustic guitar, a drum machine and an arsenal of effect pedals…Furiously multi-tasking with apparent ease, De Roover added layer upon layer of vocals, guitar and drum samples…as he built a thick wall of sound.” – Colin Harris - The Charlatan

“…the mad scientist of the Thunder Bay music scene…Jean-Paul De Roover live, is a spectacle that you NEED to see.” – Jason Wellwood - Earshot!

"I have my eye on Jean-Paul De Roover. I think he'll be as good as, as influential as, Robert Fripp - never heard of King Crimson? Then you're younger than I am. But if you have, you may want to go if only to make comparative notes, and rekindle the feeling of truly seeing something fresh." - Duncan Weller
- Chronicle Journal

“What Jean-Paul De Roover has delivered is something that is inspirational, creative, engaging, calming and intensely disturbing at times. What this album ISN’T is safe, formulaic, and predictable. The few tunes that are set to a more traditional 4/4 time rock beat seem to act almost as traps, blinding you of the rabbit hole the next track is going to plunge you headlong into. …this album is custom made for anyone that demands a little more than what is offered from their music.” – Derek Wall - The Argus

“’Elements’, stands out as unique with deeper vocals and contrasting beat boxing offset by acoustic guitar. Not only is the music interesting, the lyrical content is as well.” – Christy Pyette - Northern Rocks Magazine

De Roover "experiment[s] with ambience and acoustic, almost tribal guitar work (‘Catharsis’) and neat, classic rock-inspired melodies on the visceral ‘Elements’…” – Sari Delmar - Exclaim

"I’d hate to go so far as to say that ‘Dichotomy’ is brilliant (I’ve spent way too much time trying to squash Jean-Paul’s ego for that!) however this EP shows signs of it. Jean-Paul has a fantastic sense of melody, song craft and a devious mind when it comes to musical experimentation. As far as the songs on this EP stand, you know how you get parts of a song stuck in your head and can’t remember what it is? Well, with Dichotomy, I continually find that I have different parts of the SAME songs stuck in my head over and over. The songs have so much going on in them that only your sub-conscious picks them up the first few times around. If you love music, you need to check out this pre-cursor to Jean-Paul’s full length (and check him out if he brings his live act to your town!)."

- Jason Wellwood, Program Manager and Loud Rock Director for CILU 102.7 FM, Thunder Bay, ON. - CILU 102.7 FM

Jean-Paul De Roover
Genre: Experimental/Folk/Pop/Rock

If you haven't heard of Jean-Paul De Roover you should crawl out from under the rock you've been living under. Quit punishing yourself and listen to his music. What he creates is the most unique and original music that's ever come out of Thunder Bay. To describe it is nearly impossible and to shove it into any genre is unfeasible (but we'll try).

"It's a mixture of folk with pop with rock and lots of experimental weirdness," Jean-Paul explains. "I try to cover as much ground as possible. Every song I try to have in a different genre, a different style."

The response to his EP Dichotomy has been nothing short of positive. "I'm really proud of it because I think the recording itself, the way that we did it, is so different from any other recording in the city." Dichotomy is most certainly noteworthy but it's his ambitious full length album, appropriately titled Windows and Doors that has me excited.

"Windows and Doors is all about opportunity. For example, if there's something I wanted to do, an idea that I have, that's the window. That is what I can see, but can't necessarily attain. You see the window, but you usually have to go through the door, which is less than ideal but more practical. You have goals, which are your windows, but you must go through the door. When you open a door it's saying 'take the more practical route'. So essentially, by going through the door you're saying goodbye to your dreams. The CD project will have half the songs that are 'doors', which are easier to get into and the windows which are the more experimental and weirder songs."

I hope I didn't get you too jacked because as of yet there is no set release date for Windows and Doors. In the meantime you can watch Jean-Paul De Roover's amazing live show on February 29th at the LU Study.

- Derrick Monty / Argus Contributor - The Argus

Jean Paul De Roover likes to confuse his audience. The Thunder Bay native’s sound has been described as unique and while he might not call it that, he’s constantly experimenting with his music.
“I’m trying new things with each different song that I do. But at the same time, not all songs fit a stereotypical song structure and even the ones that do, I throw something in there to throw you off,” he said with a laugh.
The young musician is taking on an ambitious project: Windows and Doors, an album with a CD and live show DVD and the packaging he has planned carries a hefty price tag, one somewhere in the vicinity of $5,000.
“The CD packaging itself would be so unique it would fold out into a house the windows and doors cut out so you could see into the house,” he said.
The title Windows and Doors refers to his two differing sounds. The windows are the accessible pop variety, while the doors are where De Roover delves into his experimental side with instrumental songs.
And as a fulltime student, De Roover is ineligible for a grant from any kind of funding body like the Ontario Arts Council. So he’s releasing the four-song EP Dichotomy, a sample of what one might find on Windows and Doors to raise the money necessary to bring his vision to life.
De Roover is truly a one-man band, even when it comes to a live show. He said essentially his sound is layering. He performs a rhythm track for five to 10 seconds, then adds a layer of guitar and keeps it looping back.
“I just keep building on top of that. Then I add some vocals and so on and so on and I just have this big orchestral sound happening,” he said, adding when he writes his music, he writes strictly for himself; he doesn’t have an audience in mind.
He takes his personal experiences or poems and ideas others have suggested to him.
“My inspiration comes from anywhere,” De Roover said, stating for example, the first song on the album comes from a chat he had with a friend he hadn’t seen in years. The friend’s initials were J.R. and thus the song Junior was born.
Another Song Elements is about the abuse of Mother Nature, something he sees happening here in Thunder Bay.
“The final track on the CD is called Lapse and it’s about working myself too hard the last few years and ignoring the things that should have been more important to me than work,” he said.
Music has always been a part of De Roover’s life. He said from talking to his parents, they realized he’s always been somewhat of a noisemaker and he’s had a range of influences from living overseas throughout most of his adolescence. He even used to play in a barbershop chorus.
De Roover is releasing Dichotomy with a show at Definitely Superior Art Gallery on Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $8 at the door. And people attending are asked to bring flashlights because the audience will be providing the lighting for the second half of the show.

- Jodi Lundmark / Thunder Bay Source - Thunder Bay Source

by Miranda Nelson - The Georgia Straight

Proving you don’t need a major label deal to produce a slick album package loaded with extra content, the unexpectedly intense Windows and Doors, from Ontarian Jean-Paul De Roover, comes complete with a DVD of live performances and the quirky CD packaging can be folded into a house.

Thankfully, his innovation doesn’t end with the album’s presentation. A self-proclaimed “one-man band” who builds his songs from the ground up with live looping and prerecorded material, pulls out all the stops (and some excellent additional musicians) on Windows and Doors, including hauntingly beautiful harmonies and a sassy brass trio.

This 14-song album opens with “I Need You”, a melancholic song featuring strangled synth loops and Morse-code percussion, before launching into “Fix”, a jangly acoustic number with frantic fingerpicking and strong vocals. And the delicate vocalization on “Walk” can’t help but conjure up thoughts of the reigning kings of Canadian folk-rock, the Weakerthans.

Most of the songs on Windows and Doors are underscored by more than a hint of melancholy, including “The Knife”, a spare offering anchored by a sexy acoustic guitar line and hand drums. However, De Roover manages to sneak in some humour, including a cheeky piece of vocal modulation at the end of the dirgelike “Dead”. “Windows and Doors” defies the album’s overarching sense of sadness, and is instead a remarkably joyful song. Beginning with panic-stricken fingerpicking, the song builds with a number of dense layers—aided by the aforementioned brass trio—before morphing into a triumphant, vocal-jazz-style chorus.

Intensity is the cornerstone of Windows and Doors, and “Corners” is as close to hesitant as this album gets. This four-chord song features longing vocals, and with instrumentation right out of the Matthew Good playbook, it sounds a lot more epic than it would in less experienced hands. And really, that’s the brilliance of this album: De Roover’s ability to take rather simple chord progressions—often only two or three chords—and create deep layers of interest. This isn’t an album of dreamy, purposeless folk rock; it’s an album on a mission.

3.5/5 - The Georgia Straight


"Complexity in Simplicity" CD:
- Funded by the Ontario Arts Council
- 10 tracks
- Produced by Ben Leggett & Jean-Paul De Roover
- Engineered/Mixed at Dining Room Studios
- Mastered at Lacquer Channel Mastering
- Released March 23rd, 2013

"Live at the Tomlinson Block" Video EP:
- 4 videos with corresponding audio tracks
- Produced by Jean-Paul De Roover
- Engineered/Mixed at Dining Room Studios
- Released December 1st, 2012

"Pitch Pipes" EP:
- 3 tracks
- A cappella renditions of 'Fix', 'You' and a medley of the 'Windows and Doors' album.
- Produced by Jean-Paul De Roover
- Engineered/Mixed/Mastered at Dining Room Studios
- Released February 11th, 2011

"Windows and Doors" CD+DVD:
- Funded by the Ontario Arts Council
- Includes 14 track CD, and 2 hour DVD featuring live performances and bonus features
- Unique digipak format that folds into a 3D house
- Produced by Jean-Paul De Roover
- Engineered/Mixed at Dining Room Studios
- Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel
- Released September 12th, 2009

"...dichotomy..." EP:
- 4 Tracks: Junior, Catharsis, Elements, Lapse
- Recorded at Dining Room Studios
- Released November 25th, 2007

"Sooth" Live DVD [sold out]:
- 3 tracks: Help Me Help Myself, The Bay, Reggie
- Recorded live at Definitely Superior Art Gallery Thunder Bay, ON, on March 21st, 2007



With an innovative and original approach to music, Jean-Paul De Roover is much more than just a solo artist. Live looping with guitars and a voice used as an instrument this multi-instrumentalist constructs his songs piece by piece before your eyes. Beginning in silence his performance could lead anywhere as he builds it live, inviting his audience to become a part of the unique final product.

Although he was born in Thunder Bay, ON, De Roover was raised overseas in Africa, Asia and South America before moving back to Canada in 2001. This distinct upbringing has led him to create a post-pop style that is decidedly his own, blending ideas from rock, pop, a cappella and electronica.

In regards to his impressive live approach De Roover said, I wanted to challenge myself by having to record every part of my show live, on the spot. It provides a unique show for anyone that sees me. Combine this with his performance set up and youve got an aurally and visually stimulating show that keeps generating audiences and quality music, whether he's playing solo or with his band.

De Roover has worked hard to develop his one-man-show, touring relentlessly since 2007 with his signature red piping platforms. Over the past 7 years he has had the opportunity to share stages with artists such as the Beach Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, The Weakerthans, Beardyman as well as countless others. He has showcased at international music festivals including Canadian Music Fest and NXNE, and has been reviewed in publications like Exclaim!, Earshot!, and Vancouvers The Georgia Straight. With over a dozen tours under his belt, two videos featured on MuchMusic, and a growing collection of other achievements, the future certainly looks bright for this talented young artist.

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