I'm a Pop/Dance artist who has written/recorded and produced all of my own music. I have fans in 5 different countries and have a great following and passion for music!


I am an independent artist from NH. I started becoming interested in music at a young age, playing various instruments, however, in 8th grade I started singing and it has become a huge part of my life since then. I had a solo in every concert since sophomore year and am proud to say I was part of the few who are accepted into the All-State Chorus of NH. After high school, I competed in The NH Idol Competition and made it into the top 40 out of the 400 people that auditioned. I started recording and producing in 2008 and have received a lot of attention from people on my all-original songs as well as covers. I have never worked with a producer and have mixed and recorded every piece I have done. Also went through two preliminary rounds of American Idol. I have a huge passion for performing and writing and recording.


I have 18 songs I have done: (In order of Completion)
1.Like Me (Girlicious Cover)
2.Tonight (Original Song)
3.Can U Handle It? (Original)
4.Stranger Than Fiction (Original)
5.Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul(Original....Downloaded over 1200 times)
6.Tainted Love (Softcell Cover)
7.Runnin the Show (W/ Tyler Fiore...on iTunes)
8.Crazy (Original)
9.Let Go (Original)
10.Captive (Chris Brown Cover)
11.Girl At The Club (I Fell In Love) (Original)
12.Tonight (Remix of Original)
13.My Summertime (Original)
14.Down (Jay Sean Cover)
15.Badder Than Ever (unreleased Original)
16. Forever Love (Unreleasable Original)
17.Dirty Girl (Newest Original, Download close to 500 times, spun in multiple clubs)
18. Blah Blah Blah (Ke$ha in process)

Set List

I have only done a couple of shows with my own music, but I have been performing since 7th grade so I am very experienced in that area. The shows I have done included 3 of my own songs and one cover song (Tainted Love).