Jeary Sylves

Jeary Sylves

 New York City, New York, USA
SoloHip HopSoul

Where melodies meet poetry, the fine line where art and expression are combined for a bigger picture, which is in turn the definition of Jeary Sylves. A soulful and poetic New York based artist, Jeary is the type of musician hip hop needs more of.. Creative artist, spoken word poet, rhyme sayer, & singer.


So, here I am.. In New York City.

Today marks a month I've been here and away from all traces of normal and comfortable that I've grown much accustomed to over the last 10 years of experiencing life in Phoenix. I know it's been a month because my metro card has expired and now requires another purchase of $113.00 to sustain my ability to travel throughout the city on an unlimited cycle of fares until the next month comes...  I'm here and I mean I'm actually here living, breathing, freezing! But most of all I'm here dreaming. I now exist in a world of my own doing (and of course God's) this has become my version of The Matrix. This dream like state I'm in is due to years and years of waiting and thinking, creating and even crying some dying along the way too just to make it to this point. However, this is very real. A slight chuckle I often lend to myself as I move from one location to the next on this vast grid they call an island. I laugh because this all a bit surreal still to me and for all I know I may feel this way for some time to come.

I gave it all up to be here, I gave up my job with its security, benefits and direct deposit hitting my Chase account every two weeks. I gave up friends, family, students and co-workers who over the span of 3 years feel more like loved ones. I gave up blooming relationships that had the potential to bare fruit.. I gave up my earthly possessions my Tv and video game consoles my shoe collection with all of my coveted Retro Jordans and many things truthfully never needed. I gave up my car. Candice the Acura TSX with the letter "FRESH" on the back. I gave up the ability to visit my mothers grave and now wishing I had spent a little more time doing so than I did.


That which I have gained in exchanged is in fact far more exciting and liberating.

I've gained the freedom and the ability to choose my own way. To alter my course and manipulate the trajectory of my future! This however, is not without some costs but I know this feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me this is where I'm suppose to be. I was not given a chance but it was a chance I took for myself and that decision has made all the difference. 

I have embarked on the next great adventure of my life and for however long this experience last I know that who I am and who I'll become on the other side will be due to the grand impact of this this experience and everything it has to offer me as an artist and writer, musician, poet and creative.

"Jeary Sylves" has opened for such artist as: Dwele, Bilal, Lupe Fiasco, Emilio Rojas, OverDoz, Sir Mikey Rocks, Miguel, Tanya Morgan and Blackalicious. He has also shared the stage with esteemed poets the likes of: Blak Ice, Amanda Diva, Shihan, Mums, Jessica Care Moore, Abyss, Talaam Acey & Truth B. Told.


Abstract Relaxation 2014 (single)

Think You Do 2014 (single)

Jeary For Dolo! (2012)

"Hey Girl" Featuring Rapper Big Pooh (Power98.3 KKFR The Pulse With Yaya Martinez)

#Everydayj (2011)

Midnight Maruader: Late Night Thoughts (2010)