Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A musical journey that will excite your mind and soothe your soul. My music reminds you of an original fusion of several genres including R&B Soul, Urban, Pop, and Rock. Performing live for you is what I love. So, close your eyes and listen as I take you with me into my life and experiences. Enjoy


One that does not follow the leader, but sets trends effortlessly, he does not limit himself to the standard. With R&B as his foundation, he built upon and mastered writing, composing, and arranging various genres of music. This is noted in his singles “I Got It” – Hip/Rock/Soul, Beautiful – Soul R&B, and Celebrate Life – Pop Soul Fusion. Always looking for the newest innovative way to keep evolving with life – I give you, JeBron.

He notes, all I can remember is that “I could always sing”. He says “music was his way to a peace of mind and to cope with the struggles of life as a young man raised by a single mother”.

As long as JeBron had music, he had ambition, and an admiration to keep going in life. Just like the next man with brilliance comes sacrifice. With great power comes responsibility. Once JeBron connected those dots – he was able to emerge into not only a phenomenal musician, but a fine young man.

Born in small town called Waukegan, IL, JeBron was destined to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather whom was an awesome singer. At a very young age, JeBron began singing constantly where his love of music began from listening to his mother playing, singing, and dancing to all of the greats (i.e. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston).

Upon moving to Atlanta, GA, he then built upon his singing in attending Tri-City High School and attending the Atlanta Music Institute. Although self-taught he sought out and trained under world renowned vocal coach, Robin Brown whom coached such soulful artists, Michelle Ferrell, Johnny Gill, TLC, Pebbles of LaFace). He also taught himself music production, how to play the keyboard, and the guitar.

His love then transformed upon paper, thus his writing skills and voice combination received him much recognition.

Hence, his single “Beautiful” has been featured on various shows on MTV and VH1. He performed this single live on BET's 106& Park. And, it has been on the soundtrack of several independent films, including “Love Is Where You Find It” by Victor Jones, “Here I Am” by Clyde Lewis, and “Love’s Triangle” by Antonio Lacey. His single “Beautiful” was written to express his love and admiration of women and was actually written overseas during travel to the wonderful island of Jamaica.

JeBron has collaborated on singing, songwriting, and production with such artists as Wingo of Jagged Edge, V.I.C, and B Angie B. JeBron has two standout EP’s: “Key 2 Life” and “Time of My Life – Chapter 1”. Online magazine, Soul Treasures describes “Beautiful” as a “melodic yet emotional mid tempo R&B.”

In August 2009, JeBron made his acting debut as a music producer in the film, “Love Is Where You Find It” by Victor Jones and “Here I Am” by Clyde Lewis. Showing his versatility in the area of film production, JeBron also played a key role in the development of his “Beautiful” video.

Aside from making music JeBron enjoys being involved in the community volunteering with Dallas Austin’s “Don’t Stop The Music Program”, Make A Wish Foundation, and Maise Cancer Awareness Project (Men's breast cancer fundraiser). And, he enjoys cooking gourmet dishes, and believes to eat right, and think right, is part of living right.

His latest projects included song placement on a VH1 Reality Show and StreetSounds/Universal UK Record Label’s upcoming Mixed CD entitled "R&B Street Anthems Vol.1". Performing live at Steve Harvey's "Hoodie Awards" a National Deal with Footlocker, Ladyfootlocker, Champs, etc. He has been featured in magazines such as "Rolling Out, Creative Loafing, Reign Over Atlanta,, Grown Folks Music, and ZheMagazine is featuring JeBron in their national/international magazine and he is one of the special guest artists in their upcoming Magazine Release Celebration in Atlanta in which he will be performing his upcoming single "Celebrate Life". Also, he will be releasing his 2nd Mixed CD summer of this year 2013.

“Celebrate Life”, which will be on his debut album was written to inspire and encourage everyone to look at the positive no matter what is going on. JeBron says to “Treat everyday like it is a “Friday or Saturday”.

JeBron quotes “I love music!!!! Rather singing, writing or composing in life, I am a instrument harmonically revolving & evolving in our world. So, I humbly invite you on this journey, as I share with you the most intimate part of me.


Celebrate Life

Written By: JeBron


Even as a child
I knew that I was sent with a recipe
Went through all of the pain
And through all of the gain
I could still hold a melody
I never had a dad
So I could never miss what I didn’t’ have
As a matter of fact
I know I got pure strength
From wanting things that I couldn’t have
My momma raised me good
And I just want to show her when I get the chance
Her baby boy did good
Made a better life
To give her what she never had


As my world keeps spinning
And my time keeps keep ticking
So I keep listening
Cause I’m waiting for the tick in my time
Ain’t nothing going to pass me by,


So, I’m
Celebrating life and I
Just I wanna to live it to the day I die
An opportunist with a brand new cause
Ain’t nothing else getting by me
I believe that if you dream in life
You can see it when you look outside
An opportunist with a brand new cause
Ain't nothing else getting by me


If I should die
Before I wake
I pray to the lord
My soul to take
Forever remember
That JeBron was great
Who always showed love
And never was fake
To all my ladies if you ever miss me
Just think of me as if you hugged and kissed me
My fellas if I am blessed upon your memory
I rest in peace as I add into our legacy


As my world keeps spinning
And my time keeps ticking
So I keep listening
Cause I’m waiting for the tick in my time
Ain’t nothing going to pass me by

CHORUS (Repeat x2)


I am celebrating my life
As if it was my birthday
As if it was an anniversary
As if it was a holiday

CHORUS (Repeat)

Everyday is a Friday
Everyday is a Saturday



Written By: JeBron

(written by JeBron)


I got something to say to you
Girl it seems like yesterday
When I seen you ‘round my way
And I said to myself
If I had someone like you
I wouldn’t need nothing at all
But I’m a man and I make mistakes
So even if I didn’t do everything it takes
To make sure you’re loved in every way
Scattered pictures around my way
Memories of yesterday
I’m just thinking of a way to say
That you’re Beautiful


And if I never told you so
Girl I think you’re wonderful
And it’s incredible
To let you know
What’s Beautiful
Is your eyes
When they’re surprised
To hear me telling you
That you’re Beautiful


Unselfishly you aren’t free
To say that you’re still in love with me
Even at the time that I could not see
That you were the truth to be
So to your heart with honesty
That I could love you endlessly
Given a chance
I’ll impress of what you make of me
Sitting here making changes in my life
Wondering whether or not if I should sacrifice
I just want to do what’s right
By you because your Beautiful



Unselfishly you aren’t free



I’ll love you endlishly
Truth and all honesty
I would never lie to you girl
Girl you’re the one for me
I think you’re Beautiful
Girl, I think you’re wonderful
And, I think about it
And, I want you to know
So, if no one ever told you so
I think you’re Beautiful
And, girl it seems like yesterday


All The Way

Written By: JeBron

(Lyrics by JeBron)

Here I am and there you are
Wanting to know if I’m going to leave you if I become a star
You should know by now
It’s been for some years
I was there for the laughs
And closer for the tears

I’m ready though
You don’t even know
While I’m taking my time
Just to make for sure
I’m going all the way
All the way



Now if my world stops spinning round
And it all falls down
There’s some things you should know that implies the truth
Is that I’ve always needed you
Now my mind is made up after taking it slow
I think it’s about time that I let you know
If you didn’t know
Who is who
Why don’t you think about the one
Who believes in you




Me and my lady
I’m going to love you like crazy


You should start to believe
I’m going all the way


OUTRO (female response)

I’ll be that lady
For you to love me like crazy
And since I’m that lady
Come on and love me like crazy


Privacy feat. V.I.C

Written By: JeBron

(Lyrics by JeBron)

I’m so ready to touch somebody
And, it’s cool if you let me rock your body

I’m just a boy with a band
The kind of guy that you can take around your friends
And tell your momma that, I’m such a nice young man
But, really I just wanna get your…
I’m trying to get your…..
I like to talk real smooth
Keep it on the low
Just let it do what it do
Ain’t no need in frontin’
You’re the same way to
Don’t know your situation
But I still want you


I’m the kind of lover
The kind of man
The kind of something that you want to make your friend
I can be what you wanna
Give me a chance
I can manage what you cannot understand


If you feel good about me
Then baby let me take you over to where I’ll be
Cause’ it’s your privacy
Cause’ I’m just trying to get your…….
Trying to get your………


Baby, don’t look surprised
I see the come and get me look that’s in your eyes
You want me
Girl, you can’t deny
With every move, your body makes it magnetizes you to me




I’m so ready to touch somebody
(I’m so ready tonight to hold somebody real tight)
And, it’s cool if you let me rock your body
Let me rock your body, baby

I’m so ready to touch somebody
(I’m so ready tonight to hold somebody real tight)
And, it’s cool if you let me rock your body
(So if you feel it’s alright, it’s cool to let me inside)


Girl you are so fly and I am honored to met you
And I would love to oblige and I promise to be
The perfect guy and gentleman
Take you outside of your element
If you come with me
I’ll show you things that will embark on your intelligence
Like how I can be with a girl so fly
And not want to beat around your insides
Cause’ I’m really stimulated by your insides
And a quality that makes you so fly
Girl you are a superstar
If they don’t see the world is blind
Now that you’re with a superstar
The limit is the sky


I Got It

Written By: JeBron feat. Billy Goat

(Lyrics by JeBron feat. Billy Goat)
Verse 1
She like to club hop
Off in Atlanta you see
How about that Body Tap
Yeah, you can Blaze with me
I’m trying to Stroke Her
Pin –up and Gold Rush Her
Off in Atlanta
Up in the club just like a roller coaster


She got a lot of mouth
Shorty got a lot of game
She so sick, so thick standing 5’6”
And I know her momma raised her on them collard greens
Cause I can I tell by the way she fitting in them jeans

Little momma looking for a real go getter
Say she only tricken for those A-town ….
She didn’t know who she was messing with
So I pulled her to the side and this is what I said

I said Shorty
Won’t you come on over her let me get to know ya
Let me holla at ya, put something before ya
Cause I know what you looking for
Now let me show you
I got it
Now baby get on it

Exchange (JeBron and Female)

JeBron: I got what you want
Female: Don’t play and waste my time
JeBron: You know what I want
Won’t you let a (blank) rock and roll your mind
I got what you want
Yeah I got it
I got it
Female: But boy you really think you got it
Jebron: I Got what you want
Female: I’m talking dollar signs
JeBron: You know what I want
I’m a give it when I get what’s mine
I got what you want
Female: Huh - you say you got
You need to show, cause boy you really think you got it.

Verse 2

She rollin that thing like I have never seen
Sexy, dirty just like them vixen queens
I want to tip cause man shorty clean
Body plush, air-brushed just like the magazine

She said if I want I could get her
I’m going to have a trick a little dough to get with her
She said “these goodies here going to cost ya”
Pop them collars, pop them tags, break bread, just like them ballers do

I said Shorty
Won’t you come on over here let me put this on ya
So, by the time we’ll be leaving the club,
I’m going make you wanna
Do what I like
Smack it up, flip it up, roll it…
Get on it, you know I got it

I got what you want

Repeat Exchange (Male and Female)/Ad libs

Billy Goat Rap

I’m been laying at your crib for a minute
Get a back rub or two
Cause in a minute
I’m going to be sexing you
Now I’m a bug-a-bo
Cause’ I ain’t totally in love with you
What a thug would do
Like a fool would choose
Won’t you rumble like bees
Jumping in it like Muhammad Ali
Floating like a butterfly
When I flutter by
Like the wings of a (blank) when he’s soaring on a breeze
When I be hanging with (blank) that be stacking that cheese
(Blank) be hittin them knees
Can I get a little please
In a way they be chasing me like they chasing on a golden fleece
They got a (blank) locked up and you hold the keys
Can I be the first (blank) to get it open please
Hold up a second before you close them knees
(Blank) be wanting to me but can never please…


Male/Female Exchange



Singles - Beautiful, Privacy, Key 2 Life , All The Way, I Got It, Celebrate Life, etc.

EP's Released - Time of My Life (Chapter 1), Key 2 Life

Radio Airplay - Beautiful, Privacy, Celebrate Life

Set List

Length of set: 10 min to 1 hr and 30 min.

Typical Set List- Key 2 Life, Beautiful, Privacy, All The Way, Celebrate Life, Arms Around Me, Superlicious, So Sweet, Time of My Life, I Got It, Can't Let You Do That, etc.

Covers- Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, etc.