We're not opressed. We're not abused, hateful or... satanic in the least. We believe in kickass music presentable to any crowd who wants just that. Ject rocks, so you don't have to.


Ject is a funk/rock band hailing from sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Concocting a rude brew of funk, rock, and pop for nearly three years, Ject continues to rock the hottest South Floridian venues, also winning second place in the prestigious 2004 Best New Talent national competition, held in Los Angeles, California.

We've come a long way to bring some good music to y'all. In simpler terms, Ject you don't have to.


Fantasy Island

Written By: Ethan Eden

Just as you go 'round,
come down,
stop and visit me,
and if you don't have time,
just close your eyes,
sail away in your mind,
turn off the lights,
hold my hand,
we're goin'

Fantasy Island, come with me
Wind in your hair
Fantasy Island, my mind is free
dream to dare

Just as the world blows up,
don't you ever give up,
baby you're with me,
no need to hold on tight,
no wicked ride,
drown in the sky,
turn off the lights
hold my hand
we're goin'


I dream of you, I do
(just as the world blows up)


Wake Up New

Written By: Ethan Eden

I looked at my life today
I was speaking easy,
I was breathing
Little shapes
Form when I close my eyes
The colors surround me
But not quite-
My feet take me further,
Further out

I'm going away
I'm running from you
My feet and shoes
dream to continue
I'm goin away
Stars in my head, too
Sing me to sleep
Only to wake up

A friend displays a special realm
Simple music slows me down
I'm out of my body
But I can't labotomize myself
Tried meditation
but nothing helps
My feet can lift me
Out of me


I'm going far
from where you are
I've got to go

I float down the river
Th water tells me, "Be safe
with her,"
But my feet take me further
further out



Music and madness...
Fall 2004 Sampler - Produced by James Wisner
July 2005 Videoshoot - Available for sale on DVD
Scene Studio 2005 - Produced by Mike Kusemchak, Mixed & Mastered by Jeremy Staska of Studio 13

Set List

Mostly original, but covers will revolve around funk-rock:

Harder renditions of Incubus, with a tendency for alternate genres like Sublime, etc.