Jeddie I Tafari

Jeddie I Tafari

 Blantyre, Southern Region, MWI

Ratatatatatatatatatata RRRRRRRRRRRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Outta Malawi, the land of fire and flames, the Motherland Africa, hails JEDDIE I TAFARI. He is on a mission to spread love peace and consciousness through his inspiring music and perfomances.

This man is now spreading his message to the world.


Jeddie I Tafari is on a mission to spread peace, love, unity and consciousness.His gift is to entertain the people with his inspirational songs, energies and performances. He is an ambassador for Malawi, Africa, Rastafari, and for peace and justice. Born and Raised in the township of Kanjedza in Malawi, Brian Jeddie Kasamba a.k.a Jeddie I Tafari has captured the hearts, ears and dance floors of the people in Malawi and has scored numerous hits throughout the African continent. He is now on a mission to spread his message of consciousness throughout the world. His hope is that his contribution will restore and heal the people of Malawi and beloved Africa, the motherland.

Jeddie I Tafari is here in the UK on part of his mission to spread his music to the far corners of the earth

"We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations, but to our fellow men within the human community." (Haile Selassie)


Jeddie I Tafaris album 'Defender of Faith' is coming soon. In the meantime some of the songs are available on youtube:

1, Sudan (Studio track of his forthcoming album 'Defender of Faith')

2. Wachifwamba (A huge hit in Malawi and one of his songs written in Chichewa)

3. Baby Girl (live performance which shows the energy of Jeddie I Tafari Performing)

check the website for the latest news

Set List

This will be updated soon but always includes all Jeddie I Tafari's biggest tunes including:

Pharisies and Scribes
Baby Girl

and many more....