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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Wilmington Morning Star Friday,August 31, 2001"

Jedi's unique instrumentation-they're the only band in town that uses turntables as one of its components-is worth noting, but its tight sound, which mines several different genres and is simultaneously mellow and full of a controlled energy, is what really gets your attention. - John Staton

"Encore Labor day Weekend 2001"

It would be an understatment to say that Jedi is a fresh album; it mixes and combines a slue of genres that express pure and uniquely formed melodies. The rock-induced funk unites jazz-infused hip hop with layered doses of eclectic spinning, and creates a groove indecipherable from any other music today. - Shea Carver


For their 10 track, self-titled release, the North Carolina-based, live Hip-Hop group Jedi is perfect. Combining infectious scratching,perfectly executed samples,smooth and flowing raps, head-turning instrumental performances and a striking mix of Hip-Hop and hard Alternative during their wilder moments(let's not get insulting and call this Rap-Metal, it's much better than that),Jedi is phenomenal!
- Bill Whiting-Mahoney


Released their debut self-titled enhanced cd on Sept.1 , 2001
Labor Day Weekend
GEt some local airtime underground, and will be on the Oasis compilation coming out soon. And also did well in the when it first came out in 98 and 4 a livin placed 125 out of 6200 groups worldwide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Six perfectionists, 6 totally different backgrounds, 1 unique style.Just recently picked up kelli wood who plays bass, keys, and sings her ass off. A drummer who shares the same birthday as john bonham and also influenced by neal pert in his superfills. Who also is an accomplished artist and graphic designer who has 14 year band experience, who also did all artwork for cd and all stickers at his own inhouse press. A dj that's been spinning since 85 and who produces beats better than any top producer today. Who also ryhmes with Royal-T on 6 songs to keep the crowd real hype. Royal-T has been ryhming since 90 and has 7 new songs with him playing the sax. He also established the band's publishing company Royal Plaid. The 2 brothers(Scott and Rustin) Scott being the oldest: who had played about 9 songs with 1 on bass and 1 on guitar then they switched instruments for the next 12 songs. Their 2 distinct sounds when each one plays either bass or guitar helps keep each song totally different from the next. Some influences are Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Zepplin, Beatles,Sade, Brand New Heavies, Madonna, Bob Marley,SRV,Fleetwood mac ..
what sets us apart is that we wrote produced, mixed down, mastered, enhanced our first cd(us opening for FISHBONE on cinco de mayo), and made our own stickers and t-shirts.