Jedidiah AkA J-Dida

Jedidiah AkA J-Dida


The heart felt style of music. The type of Music that everyone can relate to. With it's catchy beats and serious Urban R&B style, this music tells you of his style and the story of J-Dida.


"It's Dida!", From the streets of Tulsa(Tik City), Oklahoma, the cities heart throb known as Jedidiah (Tottress) has a passion for vocal music, and has made an impact on his local crowd since he was in junior high school and is still "rockin" the crowds today. Jedidiah has been loved by the folks since they first heard him sing at an junior high school assembly at Gilcrease Intermediate School in 1997. He sung "God Bless America". Jedidiah started professionally when he was 20yrs.old on Dec.24 2005 at "The Red Carpet Ball" with special guest Micheal "5000" Watts of Swisher House. The 20yrs. old phenom also has the urge to give thank to his lord and savior Jesus Christ before every show/concert and in his own words "he is the reason that i'm where I am", he says. The singer/songwriter has also performed at other international venues, opening up for various artist such as: Jon B, H-Town, Lil Webbie, Camillioniare, Lil Flip, Twista, and Trina. Jedidiah has had the support of the folks since they first heard of his unique name and his diamond -in- rough voice. With his baby face and sexy style, Jedidiah captures the eye of every age group. Ranging from age 10 to 50, Jedidiah can captivate you with his boyish charm and beautiful smile or he can get you with his style of "Grown and Sexy". Ladies & Gentle men, introducing Jedidiah aKa J-Dida.


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Set List

A typical set list:
1) About Time We Got Down (4 minutes 34 secs)
2) Tears (3 minutes 53 secs)
3) Brittneys Strings ( 4 mintues 25 seconds)
Ended with an outro