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"Jedi Knight on"

Stuck behind the large shadows of New York and Philly, New Jersey has been in the background of the hip-hop scene. While their bigger brothers seem to get most of the attention, Jersey has produced some of the games realest emcees to touch the mic. From Trigger Treach and Redman, to Joe Budden and Ransom, Jersey can more than hold its own if we went emcee for emcee.

Hoping to add to the tradition of Garden State greats is Jedi Knight. “I don’t mess with categories,” said Jedi Knight. “I can give you any kind of flavor. I want to be seen like the dudes who influenced me.”

With a list that reads KRS-ONE, Nas, and Rakim, you see he sets his bar high. A hip-hop head since before the culture had a name, he has no problems with the direction of today’s hip-hop. “Game is game,” said Knight diplomatically. “It’s never gonna die out. It came from the streets then went into party music. We used to have ‘The Humpy Dance’ and Kid n Play’”

But don’t expect his LP “Breath of Fresh Air” to follow along the lines of today’s sing-songy styling’s. “What I’m loving about the response I’ve been getting is when people say what song they like. I’ve been getting love on every track on the album, and that’s big. I didn’t just make one hit, I gave them a bunch of songs!”

Even with the love he’s getting from “Breath of Fresh Air” he’s already looking to the future.

“I’m gonna start working on the 3rd joint and I’m gonna take some time out to perform. I take a lot of pride in what I do. I love the whole process of creating and going to the studio and giving life to what I created, and then going to perform it.” - Mehka

"Jedi Knight on"

Most claim they try to bring real hip hop back, others try to bring it forward, one emcee who intends to bring 'a breath of fresh air' is Dirty Jerz's own Jedi Knight. A lyrical artist with energetic flow and captivating hooks that understands where hip hop was, is and will be going, be on the lookout for this beast, Jedi Knight.

Whats hood Jedi Knight, let the people know where and what you rep.

Whats good I'm from Dirty Jerz. South Jersey to be exact. I represent the 856, Lions Den entertainment, 16 Levels, and Real Hip Hop.

When I think of the name Jedi Knight, Star Wars is the first thing thing that comes to mind, how did you acquire the name and what's it stand for?

Anybody who knows me knows that I'm a huge Star Wars fan. The Jedi Knights roamed the universe protecting and fighting for freedom, justice, and equality. Those 3 things mean a lot to me.

Lets talk about your mixtape 'Breath of Fresh Air', what's the concept and what can listeners expect to hear?

I don't want to sound like the mad rapper or anything. But recently I have been feeling like the rap game has been very stale. There's only a few artist that I really check for, everything sounds the same. I wanted to make something that was fresh. So I went in my bag and created "A Breath Of Fresh Air" for Real Hip Hop lovers.

Do you have any collabs or any specific producers on the project?

Yea I got my man Shizz Beats from 16 Levels. He is a problem, its only a matter of time before he gets some major placements. He did 6 joints on the album. I also have Dilemma from Hello World Music. I also got a track from DJ Ridd from DnA. MC wise I got Verb Spielberg, he's one of my homies from 16 levels.

What does Jedi Knight do , as an artist, to separate himself from the millions of rappers who are looking for that big payoff?

Well first and foremost I'm not looking for no big payoff. I just want people across the globe to respect my music for being Real Hip Hop. I think that comes across in my songs. When I was younger I never cared about how many albums Nas, Ghostface, or Redman sold. All that was important was that the cd was sick.

On your way up the game, who are some of the artists or individuals that have influenced you musically?

I actually just named 3 of them. Nas, Ghostface, Redman. Special Shout out to Redman for putting Jersey on the map.

Discuss your internet game, how are you using it to your advantage?

My internet is game is mean, and it has to be. For the unsigned artist the internet is your street team. I'm online for a hot minute everyday promoting and networking. The net allows me to reach people across the world. In the past this would be impossible without a big budget.

Lets talk stage show, what's a Jedi Knight performance like and what do you want the people watching to take from seeing you rock?

I got a lot of energy, sort of like Blanca. I want you to feel like you just seen something special, like going to a Sixers game when Iverson used to play in Philly.

Since this, lets talk Rap.....

Whats the first hip hop record you ever remember hearing?

I just closed my eyes and thought about it and the first old school song that came to mind was Runs House. I remember on Krush Groove, Run had that fight with Blair Underwood(russell simmons) about Sheila E. And he came on stage and asked the crowd, WHOSE HOUSE and the crowd said RUNS House. Yea that was the Shit.

If you could be any one rapper, who would it be and why?

one of the old schools guys who were rocking before rap got big. They were rocking just for the love. And when you do something just for the love that's when its in its most purist form.

Your stranded on a desert island, what 3 rap albums must you have with you?

I would Take illmatic, Supreme Clientle, and The Whut!

Illist rap lyric in your mind?

Nas said a bar in his song Your the Man that goes, I'm so high I see dead birds flying through a broken sky. Its something about that bar that always stood out to me.

Best collab of all time?

I don't think there's a best in anything, but I will say my Favourite collab of all time is probably jay and shady on Renegade. Both of their verses are still hot right now.

Ok back to Jedi Knight.....

Where can fans find you online?

You can find me on quite a few spots. but just to name a few,,,,

What's next on your plate?

I'm on my grind hard promoting the album and just doing mad shows. Also in the lab working on Volume 2.

Any last shouts?

Yea I like to give a shout out to everybody whose been supporting the movement. I want everybody to be on the look out for John Dewit Clothing. Its my mans clothing line and his shit is crazy. Lions Den / 16 levels and JERSEY Stand up. 3-2=
- Dub

"Jedi Knight on"

The fun in music, in many cases for rappers is scarce. Bragadocious raps, gawdy ice and a fetish for rims as tall as a 7 year old replaced the boom bap and lyrical prowess many emcees where proud to boast. Well music just got fun again. Hailing from the 856 comes an artist that captures the finer things the hip hop culture has to offer, packed with a raw stage show, tight beats and rhymes as well s a passionate approach to his craft, Jedi Knight is here to regain control of the rap twister headed towards major destruction.

What's good Jedi Knight, for those who aren't familiar run down your resume.

I was born and raised in the 856 (South Jersey). I put out 2 cd's with a crew then decided it was time for me to do my own thing. I started and founded Lions Den Entertainment. For the past 2 years I have just been grinding. I dropped my first solo joint called "Welcome to the Serengeti Jungle aka South Jersey". It got a great response and then I began tearing down showcases up and down the East Coast and building relationships within the industry. I just dropped my new cd called " A Breath Of Fresh Air", hosted by South Jersey's Mixtape king, DJ Fah D.

Where did the name come from?

Growing up an 80's baby I've always been a huge Star Wars fan. My mom and family used to call me Jedi back in the day. As I got older and watched the movies over and over again I began to respect what the Jedi Knights stood for. They fought for Freedom, Justice and Equality throughout the universe. Thats what I believe in and fight for also, so it was only natural that I ran with Jedi as my name.

Let's talk about your new project ' A breath of fresh air', what can listeners expect from this release?

Miles Davis said music shouldn't be put in categories because it puts the artist in a bubble. I agree with that, but if I were to be put in a category in hip hop, I would fall into the Real Hip Hop Category. No offense to the young'ns but you might have to be 25 and older to know what I'm talking about. Without piping my own shit up, thats what the cd embodies, REAL HIP HOP.

Jersey was a big name on the rap map years back with artists like redman, naughty by nature and now Joe buddens is definitely repping the state proper, what are you bringing to the game that would propel you into this catagory?

Redman, Naughty, Queen Latifa, Poor Righteous Teachers, Lords of the Underground and now with Buddens and Big Lou just to name a few, have all had one thing in common when you think of them you think of Jersey. Thats what I want to do also. Jersey is a very unique State. There's different cities, county's, and towns, but because North Jersey has to go to NY to make shit pop radio wise and South Jersey has to go to Philly we don't have a thing of our own. So we all get lumped together as JERSEY. I don't think thats a bad thing though. We are damn near the only State that is Identified not with cities, or counties but the with the whole state. Alot of different cities are having movements and I feel that its time for our whole state to shine.

Many artists have identified the internet as the new street team, how have you used today's technology to further the exposure level of your project?

Like most artists I took advantage of Myspace and different musical sites. They let you reach people instantly as in the past where it would have been damn near impossible to do that as a up and coming MC. The internet is definitely where its at.

Your music has a lot of raw energy to it, what's the jedi knight stage show like?

I take a lot of pride in my stage show. I want people to feel like they have just experienced something. I want people to feel like they have just rode a musical roller coaster. Not no kiddie shit either, I'm talking bout Six Flags.

Let's talk about hip hop, musically who are some of your influences?

My main influence has just been life. Dudes like Nas, Pac, and KRS-1 have probably had the biggest influence on me. They were all great at educating not preaching and still keeping it street.

Ultimately, what's the overall goal for jedi knight in the music business?

I got a 9 to 5 right now and thats how I take care of my family, but I want my music to be able to put food on the table so my family can live comfortably. I don't need 4 or 5 houses or 20 cars and crazy ice or anything. I just want fans to respect my shit for being REAL HIP HOP and to be able to hold down my situation at home financially through my music. I didn't get into this for money, I'm an MC because I love creating and performing it keeps me at peace.

How can fans find you online?

You can find me at

Any last shouts or plugs?

Hell yea. Big shout out to everybody whose been in my corner supporting me, coming to my shows holding me down. As I grow and the movement takes off that will NEVER be forgotten. Look Out For Lions Den Ent and 16 Levels in the future. Peace t - Cartel/

"Jedi Knight on"

What's poppin Jedi, for those who don't know the name, run it!

Whats Good. Its Your boy Jedi Knight from the 856(South Jersey)

Your a beast on the stage, def not afraid to break a sweat. How
important is a new artists performance to their overall awareness

I feel that it is very important. You can listen to somebodies cd or
check their Myspace page out and come to the conclusion that they have
lyrical skills, but in this day and age everybody's a MC and everybody
spits, so what sets you apart is your live performance. That's how
you get a person to really FEEL what you're doing. I take a lot of
pride in my live perfomances. When Im on stage I feel like Im a
pastor in the pulpit and and I want my whole congregation to get the
holy spirit. AMEN......

Todays music industry is saturated, labels cutting budgets, layoffs,
mergers and yet there are more trying to get in the door. Does this
ever make you think 'damn, what if I don't make it?' Or do you remain
optomistic of 'your chance'?

My cup is always half full, so Im always optomistic. Everybody is
blessed with gifts in life. I sincerely feel, believe, and know that
I was destined to be an MC. So nothing will ever deter me from going
hard. I actually think that with all the bullshit that is going on
within the industry it makes the artist, mangers, indie labels etc.
better at their craft. Its sort of like during the Jim Crow days in
the south everything was supposed to be separate but equal. This
wasnt right, however it made minorities support each other and unite
together. Now that the labels are bullshitting it makes us get on our
bite more and explore other options. So when and if it picks back up
in terms of the industry, we(independents) wont need them (Majors) as

Beef seems to be the way of the rap world or wwf as I like to call
it. Can hip hop survive without that?

Beef or competition is a main degredient of Hip Hop. I think its the
main contributing component that makes Hip Hop different from all
other Music Genres. The true essence of Hip Hop has always been
about being the toughest and out shinning your opponent. I don't care
if it was MC'ing, Breakdancing, DJing, or Tagging Grafitti. Thats
what has always made it more than music. Due to the Beef and
Competiton it has made Hiphop half music half sport. I love
competition, so it cool to me.

Ok so let's discuss your new project, what's it called? Whose on it?
(producers and features) and what can people who cop expect from it?

Its called a "Breath of Fresh Air". South Jersey #1 Mixtape King DJ
Fah D is hosting it. MC wise I kept it pretty much just A Jedi Knight
thing, I dont have too many features on it. I do have my man Verb
Spielberg and Sport on their from our 16 level movement. Verb is a
beast, he's from East Camden. He really got the City on smash.
Producer wise the majority of the cd is produced by my man Shizz
Beats. He's a Fucking problem. Him and I are on some Gang Starr
shit. He's Premo and Im Guru. I also have my man Dilemma on there.
He's been doing his thing real heavy in Jersey for a while now. I
actually first started building with the both of them at iStandards
producers battle. Shout out to J hatch and Don Di. I also have DNA
on there, they are a 2 man producer group from South Jersey who are
hot right now and got a couple joints rocking right now in Philly.
Ive been blessed to hook up with all three producers(Shizz Beats,
Dilemma, DNA) on some real nigga shit past just music. The Rchitec
laced with this crazy track called "Black Powder". You can Expect Real
Hiphop when you cop a listen to the CD. That word Real Hiphop is
overused alot now a day. But if your a Real HipHop Head you know what
im talking bout.

A lot of artists continue to put mixtapes out, but after drama got
raided people said the game was dead. Are they still effective for
artists today?

Hell yea Mixtapes are still effective. Just look at what Kimbo Slice
did. He basicly made video mixtapes of him knocking jokers out. Now
he's one of the top dudes in the MMA game. Musically I feel that
mixtapes will always be hot, but just not everybody's mixtape. Theres
definitely still a lane for it.

Ok, some personal shit....

Top 5- dead or alive?

Nas, Pac. Jay-z, Common, GhostFace

Dream collab- 2 artists and you with one producer?

right now I would like to da track with nas, and common with Premo or
RZA producing it.

Range rover, escalade or Denali?

Defintiely Range Rover. its just more grown man, you know James Bondish

Buffy or Vida?

They both got fatties but Ive been feeling Vida ever since that FHM
photoshoot she did a hot minute ago, her first jawn. Plus she's from

Gloria Velez or 2001 J Lo?

J Lo. She's more talented. Plus she's been a Fly Girl for a minute. lol

Ok back to you....

Where can people find you online?

come holla and - Big Cobi

"Jedi Knight on"

Hey Jedi, whats the word? Let everyone know about your movement.

Whats Goodie everybody.. Ya boys from Camden County New Juruze aka South Jersey.. The movements pretty simple, I do it for Real Hiphoppers and Im a product of Real Hiphop.

Where did the name come from?

Everybody ask me that.. I have always been a huge Star Wars fan. The Jedi's protected and fought for Freedom, Justice, and Equality throughout the universe. Those 3 principles are very important to me.

You represent the 856, whats the hip hop climate like right now in Jerz?

Like anywhere else we got mad MC's, Producers', and Dj's on their grind. The spotlight just hasn't been shined on us yet. its only going to take one for the doors to be opened up though. Any time you go to Philly or Ny city you can find mad NJ mc's doing their numbers. Where like roaches, we are everywhere.

You have a dope new mixtape in the streets 'A Breath of Fresh Air' , what can fans expect to get out of this release?

People are probably going to get sick of me saying this, but fans and new listeners can expect a plethora of Real HIPHOP (1993-1998). You know that good old Mid 90's feel. I just bared my soul over the beats and let the tracks talk for me

Who were some of the producers and collabs on the mixtape?

I got my man Shizz Beats from CMD on the cd. He did 6 joints for me. He won 2 or 3 of the IStandard producers showcases. He also is currently the in house producer for G-Unit Philly. He is the king of creating street bangers. Dilemma from Hello World Music did a joint for me. He's also from Jersey. He's had a couple major placements. I think he just nabbed a track on Maino's new album. He is defintely holding down the 856. Verb Spielberg collabbed with me on a joint. DJ Ridd from DNA threw me a track to beast out on. Recently he's bagged a couple placements. For the most part everybody I've been blessed to work with I fuck with on a personal level and not just on a music level. They belive in me and I belive in them.

I get a idea that your a real hip hop head that still respects the game, knows what good lyrics are and has an idea of where you want to see it all go, where is hip hop right now and in your eyes where is it going?

I feel like There's a lane for everything. So Im not mad a dudes making money off ring tone tracks or those dance songs. Cause I remember when I was a young shorty I used to like songs like Humpty and dance to Hammer and kid n play. But the biggest difference from then til now is that there is not a balance. The radio used to play humpty and Hammer but it also played PE, Krs-1, and Tribe called Quest. Its cool to eat ice cream and cake once in awhile, but you also need to make sure you eat fruits and vegtables. They are essentials parts of a nutritous diet. The games not healthy right now, theres too many flabby rappers.

With that being said, who are some of your musical influences?

Ive been influenced by alot, but the ones who come to mind right now are Nas, Redman, Wu tang, and Big Pun. Ive always been an fan of Real Hip Hop, thats what always moved me.

I heard you are a beast on stage, whats a Jedi Knight stage show look and feel like?

I got a lot of energy and give alot to the crowd. I feel like thats the defintition of a true performer.

Aside from music do you have any other endeavors or aspirations on the horizon?

Yes well I am CEO of an entertainment company called Lions Den. That is the avenue that im pushing my music through. Im promoting my Cd right now but in the near future we got some things cooking up. Im also starring in a movie called " Trick or Treat". Its going to be right on time for halloween and the elections. Hopefully it gets placements in the major film festivals.

where can soon to be fans find you online?

You can check me on line at
just to name a few.

Shout outs?

Yea I would like to shout out Real Hiphop heads, Shizz Beats, Lions Den Ent, My man Amir who just dropped a Cd called Water color Canvas. John Dewit Clothing. Lycan kennels and all of South Jersey. 3-2=

- Corey Hill

"Jedi Knight on"

My dude Jedi, whats the good word?

Everythings good. Promoting the cd and just feeding the family.

For those new to your music, let them know who you are and what you do.

Its ya boy Jedi Knight. Im from the 856, that will be South Jersey for those who dont know. Theres nothing fancy about ya boy, I just spit from the heart and exude real hiphop with every breath and every blink.

One thing I always admired about you is your passion for this hip hop thing, why is that? what keeps you excited to make music, perform and stay focused on your career?

Im blessed to be doing something that I love to do. Alot of people either dont get a chance to or dont take the chance on themselves to do what they love. Im a MC and I take pride in spitting Real Hiphop. Its important to me to maintain my artistic integrity. Dharma is fullfilling your life's purpose; My Dharma is being an MC and peforming. I dont do this for money. Me being one with Real Hiphop is second only to my family.

Discuss your concept behind your new mixtape ' A Breath of Fresh Air' and what listeners can expect.

It was simple. The game has been very boring and stale for the last couple of yrs. Theres only a handful of dudes who I even get excited about anymore. I wanted to create something that I felt like was refreshing. Something that was reminiscent to the mid 90's. I feel confident that I completed my goal.

Being from the 856, you have a lot of hip hop royalty to live up to, naughty, redman, joe buddens, and many more, whats Jedi Knight adding to the jersey legacy?

Im jus one of many tough MC's out of Jersey. I go out of my way and love repping Jersey. Treach, Redman, Queen Latifa and Lauren Hill are four of the toughest MC's ever to do it. Jersey doesnt get it due respect in the game. At the end of the day I want you to hear me and think thats a Jersey boy right there. This is a good time to plug "Jersey Anthem" and "Jersey Boys". If you want to know about jersey check them 2 tracks out off of my Cd "A Breath of Fresh Air"

ok finish the following sentences...

Hip hop was real when......

When the streets and the people decided what was hot and not the album sales and record execs

My favorite line from a hip hop song is.......

I never Sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death. Nas said that 14 yrs ago and its still one of the illest and truest bars of all time.

In the hip hop game I really respect the fact that......

It gives so many minorities the opportunity to take care of their familes. And that Hip hop has united more people than major religions have done...Hiphop is the voice of the people throughout the world, and I just aint talking bout USA Hiphop either.Hip hop is universal.

Back to you....where the heck did you get your name from? lol

Lol. Ive answerd that question so many times. In the Star wars series, the Jedi Knights protect the universe in the name of Freedom, Justice, and Equality. Ever since I was a kid I have been a huge star wars fan. It sounds crazy but as little as I can remember I felt a kinship to the Jedi knights and how they carried themselves. They talk about the "Force" in star wars alot and Ive always looked at the force as GOD or Infinte wisdom. And on some deep shit following the force is the same as following GOD. So in that note, May the Force Be with you.

Where can fans find you online?

of cource,,,,
jus to name a few

Shout out your peoples!

Yea I like to give a shout to my Family, Shizz Beats, Brett Favre and the Jets, the USA teams in the olympics, John Dewit Clothing. Most definitely my label Lions Den ENT, Dilemma and Hello World Music, And the whole Istandard Family.. Vote Real Hiphop or Die. Obamma allllllll Day baby - J Hatch





Have performed at various venues in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC and Toronto including The Get Your Buzz Up Seminar, iStandard Producer Showcase (Philly) and The Faces In The Crowd Showcase

PRESS May 2008 May 2008 June 2008 June 2008


2 Independent albums with Rapville Ent- 2004/2005
‘Welcome to The Serengeti Jungle aka South Jersey’- 2006
‘Breath of Fresh Air’ Hosted by DJ Fah D- 2008
Get Your Buzz Up Hosted by Bedtyme357


Started own Label ‘Lion’s Den Entertainment’ – 2006
Lead Role in Indie film ‘Trick Or Treat’- 2008






Jedi Knight was born and raised in the 856-aka South Jersey. He has lived in numerous parts of the 856. That's why he considers all of South Jersey his home. He has always been one with HipHop but in college is where he began to take MC'ing seriously. Originally he was a part of a group which produced two cd's, then he decided to venture out and created Lions Den Entertainment. In 2006, he released his debut mixtape " Welcome to the Serengeti Jungle aka South Jersey". He distributed 5000 cd's independently hand two hand and via the Internet. He has rocked mics in NewYork, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Baltimore, DC and Toronto, Canada. He loves creating and recording but performing is his real passion. His live show is an energetic roller coaster ride. You can feel and hear the hunger in his voice. He's one of few Mc's that ignites that good old Mid 90's feeling. Recently he wanted to broaden his horizon and open up more doors for himself, so he began acting. He is currently costarring in the independent film produced by Diamond Mind Films titled �Trick Or Treat�, which should be released in Aug 2008. This past yr he hooked up with mega producer Shizz Frankenstein & 16 Levels. The two of them both felt like the music that was out was very repetitive and stale. So they set out to produce something fresh. Jedi's new cd which is hosted by South Jerseys #1 mixtape King DJ Fah D, is titled "A Breath of Fresh Air". To pick a CD up and join the movement hit him up at