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Far From Perfect



Jeditruth, Master of the truth in music, leader of the underground and lyrical sound. Jeditruth is the best lyricist in the underground scene. His words come from the heart and his unique style is reminiscent of respected greats like 2pac, Jay Z, TI, and Kanye just to name a few. Jeditruth, loves all genres of music. Hip Hop with soul is his style, he credits his study of Lauryn Hill and Jay Z to some of his most inspiring works. He can be described as an Artist that will shock you with every song and evoke emotions that most people don't talk about. A vivid picture painter, and with every song he unveils his masterpiece. Jeditruth is the TRUTH! Welcome to the journey as we go from underground to worldwide. Understand the first mixtape is provoked thru his life experiences, it takes you thru the struggle of blood, sweat and tears, while also offering upbeat club sounds, relationship drama and sometimes just fun good music.
Jeditruth grew up on the South Side of Memphis, Tn in the Westwood neighborhood. Jeditruth, was just like every other inner city kid looking for answers in all the wrong places. Running the streets, he had a very up and down childhood that many teenagers from the inner city can relate too. Jeditruth never knew his biological father, and grew up in an area where gangs and neighborhood rivalries were considered a normal way of life. However, luckily for him, he had a stepdad that inspired him to develop his passion for music and an uncle who pushed him into sports. Jedi was a former high school football player , he was an all state athlete, he held the title of quarterback and because he was always a master of his craft, his coach called him Jedi. After a few successful years of playing, just like all things, life changed and his football career ended in injury while in college. Depressed and feeling hopeless, he left college and moved back home, and even though he had a passion for music he never took it seriously. He always wrote and shared his poems but never understood he had a unique powerful talent in writing lyrics, painting pictures and evoking feelings. Talented by nature, the writer and rapper in him would not sleep. He began to focus on his music daily, hours and hours of time he put in his craft. Soon friends, family and colleagues discovered he is the truth, a master of music. A talented writer and artist, with that recognition his story unfolded. He learned how to turn his stories into 16 bars. With his debut mixtape "Far from Perfect" and two buzzing videos, Lost and I'M Focused , the sky's the limit for this upcoming MC. Stay tuned..