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Jed's A Millionaire

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


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"Haunt - 4 Stars"

Haunt - 4 Stars

If you have to choose which of these CD’s to purchase, go with this one. Their style matures a bit in this, their second release. There are a couple more acoustic tracks that are done very well. Also, the melodies are much more captivating. Once again, interesting lyrical images: questioning, cleansing (again), simplicity, and the ephemeral nature of life.

To the Band: Hey, what do you call a guy that hangs out with musicians? That’s right, a drummer. That is my general view on drummers. Now, that being said - great drums. Don’t be afraid to add some heavier distortion to go along with your kickin’ drums and clear voices. The idea is to have the music surround your voice. Harrington, a heavier guitar would help balance your clear and soaring voice. Nickleback played the bar scene for years with an easier sound, then soon before they hit the big time they started using much heavier guitars. I think you guys could experience a similar fate. Personally, I like your songwriting and versatility better. Nice album cover art, get help with your web site though - pretty important for indie bands these days. Keep the tunes a comin’, my brothers.
- South of Mainstream

"One Hell of a Record"

Haunt, the second release from Arizona's Jed's A Millionaire, is one hell of a break-up record. While some albums of this kind resort too quickly to barroom bravado or candlelit whimperings, Haunt does neither.
Sure, you can taste the heartbreak behind each guitar chord and smell the sweat and tears that shape each couplet uttered from R. Shawn Harrington's mouth, but the record still feels more like a celebration of growth than a grieving of love. It's there during "All," which chronicles the moment of letting go, it's there during "Began," the futile plea for reconciliation, and it's there during "Ghost," the big kiss-off to still-lingering memories.
It helps that the band's on the ball musically, blending elements of a far less experimental Radiohead with the likes of Travis and Coldplay at its best moments ("Found," "Wish") and evening borrowing from The Who for the power-mad "Eyes."
That said, there are times when some of the band's strongest material gets buried beneath radio-friendly production. "In For" is one of the band's stronger songs but it gets lost beneath layers of studio tricks that mask the song's true character.
The music behind those carefully crafted lines is equally moving. There are moments, however, where the band's desire for commercial status threatens to overshadow the songs — "Give," another fine contemplation of reconciliation nearly gets swallowed by of-the-moment production, something nearly happens in "Nothing," where the quartet almost morph into last year's hitmakers, Train.
But the fact is, Jed's A Millionaire don't need to try to sound like anyone else, they're more than fine on their own, something the bulk of Haunt reveals. - Alt Music

"Perched for major-label success"

“With Haunt, a first-class collection produced by Michael Blue at Los Angeles' Revolver Recordings and adorned with evocative artwork by Arizona artist Eddie Shea, JAM seems perched for major-label success.”
- Jimmy Magahern, NEW TIMES

"Winner: Most Enjoyable Singer"

If any rising band sounds like the Valley these days, it's Jed's a Millionaire. Jed's writes songs in the storied Tempe jangle-pop tradition, with rumbling guitar riffs and drums and lofty choruses. And, of course, it has the expressive lead singer. Shawn Harrington has one of those voices that drips passion, with a gravelly, soulful delivery and the ability to put the accent on just the right word: "You can't give what I need/She says." Like Robin Wilson and Roger Clyne, he puts the incredulousness in the right spot -- Shawn really can't believe she SAID that. - Phoenix New Times

"Best Indie"

Jed’s a Millionaire -- or JAM, to its growing fan base of “Jedheads” -- has risen from playing to cowering gray-hairs at the Arizona casinos to crafting three hook-packed albums of original songs since 2001. Lead singer Shawn Harrington sings melancholic, soul-baring songs in a strong, decidedly non-wimpy voice that lends his odes a back-slapping swagger appealing to everyone from the introspective poetry major to the rugby-shirted sports bar frat boy. It’s a trademark that helped win Harrington Most Entertaining Singer accolades in last year’s New Times Music Showcase, and keeps scoring new fans with each of the prolific band’s buoyant pop albums. - New Times


CD: 2002 Kachina Theater
CD: 2004 Haunt (Produced by Michael Blue of LA's Revolver Recordings)

Radio Airplay:
"Began" (Haunt)
"Make" (Haunt)
"She Says" (Kachina Theater)
"Shady Side of Town" (Kachina Theater)

Streaming Play
Various tracks from the CDs Haunt and Kachina Theater including:
"Began" (Haunt)
"Make" (Haunt)
"Found" (Haunt)
"She Says" (Kachina Theater)
"Shady Side of Town" (Kachina Theater)



R. Shawn Harrington, lead singer and songwriter, was discussing music with his brother Rob. "You just need your guitar, some inspiration and a little luck and next thing you know....Jed's a Millionaire!" "Not the most inspirational band name story." allows Shawn. "But I like to think the creativity is reserved for the music." Four albums and hundreds of shows later, Jed's a Millionaire is no temporary success but a tenured band at the height of its powers.

Jed's a Millionaire is indie rock with soul. Leaving behind the band's desert rock origins, JAM now casts a wider musical net; setting crisp layered guitars and keys on driving pop rhythms. JAM's soaring melodies propel Harrington's personal and unabashed lyrics of passion, heartbreak and hope. Twin guitars lead the way while stark piano, swirling organs and dreamy steel guitar complete their modern yet classic sound. Shawn was voted Most Enjoyable Singer by Phoenix New Times and his earnest delivery and familiar tones remain the linch pin of the band's sound.
Returning to Revolver Studios in LA, where the breakthrough Haunt was recorded, the band once again tapped producers Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat/One Republic/Augustana) and Andrew Williams (Five For Fighting/Old97’s/Jessica Simpson) to bring their latest music to life. "This is the strongest material yet,” says Blue. The songs will be released late 2009. Haunt spawned two singles, "Wish" and "Began", which received airplay on KZON in Phoenix and other regional radio stations.

Now in 2009, the lineup is R. Shawn Harrington (guitars and vocals), Aaron Ploechl (guitars), Jamie King (bass), Dan Frost (keys and lap steel) and Andy Ziker (drums). "We’re excited to start playing these new songs in front of people. These guys are such amazing musicians. I think people are really going to dig it,” says Shawn. “A band doesn't continue to make an impact after a decade by following trends; a band stays relevant by being true to its heart."