Jeff Givens and The Mugshot Saints

Jeff Givens and The Mugshot Saints

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jeff Givens, aka “The Bourbon Cowboy”, proves this music is a lifestyle, not an occupation. Living the gypsy-troubadour-poet’s life for over 30 years. Seeing life from every angle, like Bukowski and Lennon, he’s lived hard enough to write about it. An unmatched mix of rock and country.


Singer/Songwriter Jeff Givens is a road-seasoned troubadour. As a contemporary musical gypsy, Jeff travels the country, meeting folks from every aspect of life and listening to their stories. He lives this life, documenting it all in his songs. Somehow, writing through the haze of self-destruction like his heroes before him, (Kerouac, Burroughs, Lennon, Hank, Townes and others) he has prevailed and come out the other side, battling his demons by writing about them. Born in Tennessee and raised in Chicago, Mr. Givens is a music veteran of over 30 years and has played in many bands, from Chicago to Boston to London. Working with Jay Bennett from Wilco was one of his numerous experiences. Back in 2001, Jeff went all-in; he left his day gig and everything else to fully embrace this musical journey. Tramping around America, like another prince of skid row, he began writing songs that defined his life. Settling back in Chicago, Jeff reconnected with producer, collaborator and fellow hell-raiser, Jason Botka, to finish writing and record these songs. From the easy rooms of Skye Bleu Studios, "Bourbon Cowboy" was born.

 In 2014, Jeff gathered his closest brothers in music for his sophomore album, "Midnight in Muscle Shoals", which was tracked on the sacred ground of Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. A founding member of The Righteous Hillbillies, Kev Wright added his southern rock flair on guitar and vocals, and Jason Botka brought in keys, organ, guitar and harmonica. Barret Harvey on drums and TC Dolgin on bass glued it all together. All left the Shoals sessions feeling like they had "been to the mountain". Jeff knew something special had happened next to that Tennessee River, and it needed to continue.

Once home, Johnny Gadeikis added his talents on bass and Luke Smith on drums to round out the Mugshot Saints. This diverse band, with many decades of combined writing and touring experience between them, developed both acoustic and plugged in line-ups and started gigging in some of the best rooms in Chicago; the Metro Chicago and Schubas to name just a couple. The Saints draw from outlaw country, southern rock and rock, blues and folk influences to create their multifaceted sound.  Part Allman Brothers part Stones, with some Van Morrison and a dash of Father John Misty; The Mugshot Saints put on a show that will rock you to "holler & swaller" one minute, then with some old school folksy blues, you'll be crying in that same beer the next.

The third installment of their discography (Bleeding Ink) is currently in production. Once again tracked at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama, this current album can be best described as "If the Rolling Stones were a country band".


Slow Train

Written By: Jeff Givens

She's a dirty girl, I'm a dirty man
Fell in love just as deep as anybody can
Downtown in my riverside loft
That kind of dirt never washes off... Come on
So long, when the train pulls out there ain't no gettin' off
Don't cry, suck it up baby it's a long slow train to splitsville
Slow train to Splitsville

She's a rich girl, and I'm a workin' man
She love's the touch of these old rough calloused hands
Runnin' down the small of her back
She's wearin' nothin' but my cowboy hat... Come on
Everybody thinks it must be love
Workin' your way through the maze and you still get lost
It's easy to say "baby you're mine"
In the red hot glow of a neon sign
Don't you think forever is a long long time

When the flame of, passion disappears
Talk and wonder did love ever live here
Come with nothin' but a drink and a line
Take it all but you leave it behind... Come on

Dangerous Love

Written By: Jeff Givens

Everybody knows, and everybody talks about us
And this Dangerous Love
Everybody looks, when we're sneakin' around in the shadows
Of this Alabama town
Yeah there's something about this Dangerous Love
They can't understand
Laying low in a small town
Now baby, let's take a stand
For this Dangerous Love

In this town, of simple minded fools
In their lives, we're the front page news
They sympathize, with your unwanted man
Here I am, I've got a gun in my hand
Eveybody talks, everybody cries
Everyone's a loser, when everybody fights
Everybody's got a secret, cover up and lock it
Everybody's got a shadow, hiding in their closet

Girl in Carolina

Written By: Jeff Givens

I'm here in Chicago, loaded up to leave
I've got boots, guitars, and whiskey, that's all I ever need
I'm grabbing gears in Gary, here on 80 east
There's a Girl in Carolina, and she's waiting up for me
Through the coal mines of Kentucky, to Nashville Tennessee
Like the spanish moss I'm hangin', somewhere in between
I'm gonna take her to Savannah, down on River street
There's a Girl in Carolina, and she's waiting up for me
Why does she wait, wait up for my call
Why does she wait, knowing I'm long gone
One more cheap hotel room, never bothered me
There's a Girl in Carolina, and she's waiting up for me

I wanna see Rock City, wanna see Ruby Falls
I'm north of Chattanooga, still Carolina calls
I could've been on Lookout mountain, seven states to see
And there's a Girl in Carolina, and she's waiting up for me
This old boy's been so lonely, but not lonely like now
There's been so many before you, but the thing that makes me want you
Keeps me from turning around

We're gonna take a walk together, in the winter on the beach
I know happiness is fleeting, and it's always out of reach
She leads me to the darkness, so dark that I can't see
And there's a Girl in Carolina, and she ain't no good for me

How Could You

Written By: Jeff Givens

Everybody here in this room
Smells like cigarette smoke and cheap perfume
All we want to do is get intoxicated
I didn't come down here to be investigated... By you
How could you... How could you know
I've been dying to leave you
How could you... How could you know
That I stopped beleiving
How could you... How could you go
When I haven't made up my mind

I've been walking these streets at night alone
I've been thinkin' this house is just an empty home
Another girl, another drink, another hour I don't call
I don't want to fight, don't want to hear another teardrop fall
Everytime I leave, Everytime I touch you
Every single sleepless night, I'm not with you
Everytime I miss your call, becomes a clue
And everytime I lie when I say... I love you

Was it something I did, was it something I said
Did I leave too much blood on the page and not enough in bed
Did I leave you alone one too many times
Would it help if I told you I have changed my mind
I'd be tellin' the truth this time

Queen City

Written By: Jeff Givens

There's a town along the river
When I'm there I call it home
A place for every saint and sinner
To blur the line between right and wrong
You can always find a party
Find a church, and find a band
Find a sweet southern woman
Always there to lend a hand
You can walk in the light, you can crawl through the dark
You can pick up a habit, you can score in the park
Nobody knows but I'm leaving... Leaving here tonight
Say goodbye... Queen City Goodbye
I'm not ready to die so goodbye... Queen City Goodbye

You can't get whiskey on a Sunday
But you can get an eight ball anytime
Get a little girl to take the edge off
Make it to the church, be right on time

Looking For You

Written By: Jeff Givens

It's getting dark on the gulf coast here tonight
I'm drinking tequila, you don't wanna red my mind
On a moonlit night I stare out at the sea
I'm a wreck without you, and I'm looking for some peace
Everwhere I go I keep looking for you
Everywhere I'm looking I'll never find you
You're not drunk in Mexico counting the stars
You're not in some strip club, or Honky Tonk bar
Everywhere I go I keep looking for you
Everywhere I go I keep looking for you

I tried burning it out down in South Carolina last year
I took what was left of me, and had to disappear
One step ahead of the law is all I need
I'm a wreck without you, and I'm looking for some peace

I got hooked and crooked in my home state of Tennessee
Where every single damaged girl, stole the best peices of me
Now here I am all drunk on a lonely beach
I'm a wreck without you, and I'm looking for some peace


Bleeding Ink (Currently in production - Release  Spring, 2017)

Midnight In Muscle Shoals (Released July 4, 2015)

Bourbon Cowboy (Released October 31, 2012)

Previous Projects:
Premium Plastic by Phil Rockrohr and The Lifters (2000)
(Produced by Jay Bennett of Wilco)
"Top rock release" - WXRT Chicago
"Top 5 Unsigned bands" - Spin Magazine

Gold Star (1995)
40 Smokes (1993)
The Lap Dogs (1991)
Danimal and The Wild (1988)

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