Jeff Root w/Zack Root and Grant Clark

Jeff Root w/Zack Root and Grant Clark

 Westminster, Massachusetts, USA

Jeff's music might best be described as a highly imaginative and idiosyncratic blend of captivating pop melodies, rock-tinged social commentary and fun, inspired by the work of sixties groups like The Beatles, The Kinks and The Lovin' Spoonful with a little Beck, Cake, and Chuck Berry mixed in.


A contemporary evolution of the great 60s groups (Kinks, Beatles, The Who, Lovin' Spoonful) with catchy, innovative, compelling music and provocative, engaging lyrics.   Fronted by Jeff Root - vocal and guitar, with his son/collaborator, Zack - bass and longtime drummer/business partner Grant Clark.


Bingo Night

Written By: Jeff Root

He was eyeing the old ladies at that local Bingo Hall,
dressed in plaid and flannel with a walker by the wall.
half-heartedly pretending he was looking for B3
stealing glances just to stoke his carnal fantasy
until some geezer called out, "Bingo!".

She noticed as he checked her out from across the room.
with lust enough to raise the dead within that rec hall tomb.
so surrepticiously they met beside the cider bowl
to sneak outside like kids and take a naughty moonlit stroll
and then some granny screamed out, "Bingo!".

She wore an ankle brace; He was ninety-two.
She saw her aging grace in his twinkling eyes of blue.
They shared a warm embrace remembering those they knew,
gone without a trace, yet within their hearts anew. Bingo!

Like Romeo and Juliet, into the wood they stole
the ward was nearly frantic and they called the State Patrol
the force was in a frenzy as they plunged in disarray
straight into the forest where the two had slipped away
and still the game lingered on, "Bingo!"

Meanwhile in the forest they had led them all awry
hidden in their love nest as they watched them stumble by
once they'd passed he dropped his shushing finger from his lip
confident as last that they had given them the slip
until some stooly called out, "Bingo!"

She wore an ankle brace...

My One and Only

Written By: Jeff Root

Honesty and solid, straight talk
cradle me on boughs of bedrock
when shifting sands deceive me
my one and only.

Dirty looks and pained expressions
set their hooks in crude transgressions
when manners do escape me
my one and only.
I seek your strength in the black of night
when the nightmares are reeling
your depth and length are a ray of light
for the weakness I’m feeling.
Stifled tears and indiscretions
weave their way to bold obsessions
that wedge their hurt between us
my one and only.
I need your strength in the black of night…
Surrender the day
help’s on the way
we’ll make it OK
when we get down and pray
Honesty and solid, straight talk…

You Bring Out the Bebop in Me

Written By: Jeff Root

Once I lost my nerve, that primal verve, the urge to swerve girl
moping round my nest just like a wounded bird
till you dressed me down and pushed me out.
I felt that zing, I spread my wing, began to swing, girl
and pretty soon forgot what it was all about.
I raised my horn, I felt reborn, I blew forlorn, girl
with every phrase I played, I could not stop
I grabbed the spot, I took a shot, I played it hot, dear,
‘cause you bring out the bebop in me.
I, with your advice, I rolled the dice, once or twice, girl,
till this crazy world began to roll my way
and now I’m in the game again.
I lived in fear, too much Oh dear, but now it’s clear, dear
your faith was always there just like a long lost friend.
I raised my horn, I felt reborn, I blew forlorn, girl
-scat solo-
Though the chips were down, you brought me round to bet the crown, girl
and damned if I looked up to have the winning hand
and all because I made that play.
It made no sense, with no defense, and risk immense dear
you bid me play the game to win the grand bouquet.
I raised my horn, I felt reborn, I blew forlorn, girl

The Wickedness of You

Written By: Jeff Root

In my dreams, seductively you vamp me,
Freudian schemes; capricious, coy and campy,
where it seems indelibly you stamp me
with the wickedness of you.
In my mind when everyone is watching,
as you grind, your naughtiness is notching.
Going blind, deep breaths or I’ll be botching
this wickedness of you.
Lying alone with wild anticipation
for dreams where we’ll meet again.
In my brain, as passion swells around me,
you entertain and I feel your warmth surround me,
and once again, with rapture soon you’ve drowned me
and the wickedness of you.
Helpless to stop these self-inflicted fantasies,
a victim to love’s disease.
In the dark with one last chance to rile me
with a spark you sensually beguile me
and leave your mark, though weakness does defile me,
with the wickedness of you.


My One and Only - forthcoming in 2016
The Pig in the Python - 2014
The Wild Fandango - 2012
Fossil Rock - 2011
Genre Circus - 2010
The Secrets of Love - 2009
Toadstool of the Realm - 2008
Kerouac King Kong - 2007
Angst Cretin - 2005
Ordinary Guise - 2001
The Spirit of '67 - 1999

Set List

Kerouac King Kong
Bingo Night
My One and Only
Won't You Be My Betty Boop?
The Wickedness of You
Finnegan's Wake