Jeff Beam

Jeff Beam

 New York City, New York, USA

Psychedelic, mad-scientist melodic musings, self-produced & self-performed to form a unique & colourful soundscape. Catchy tunes with interesting chord changes, from the back woods of Maine to the gloomy subways of Brooklyn.


Jeff Beam was recently asked in an interview how he would define psychedelic music. “Thoughtful music, featuring experimental sonic elements while taking perhaps a more unorthodox approach to songwriting. Combining catchy, oddball melodies with obscure but cohesive chord changes. All of this matched with existential and surrealistic lyrical content. To me, this is the best kind of music, and I once heard a tip that you should try to make the kind of music you want to hear.”


Jeff Beam grew up in a small town in the woods. At one point in his youth, he realized he could not dance very well. But before he could be paralyzed by this painful reality, this thought entered his head: "you don't need to dance if you're the one making the music!"

Thus, a musician was born.

Due to his parents' constant barrage of The Beatles' While Album, Electric Light Orchestra, The Who's Tommy, and Crosby Stills Nash & Young when he was still just in swaddling clothes, Beam suspects that his mother and father attempted to infiltrate his developing young mind with beautiful melodies, hoping that they would stick and perhaps one day generate new melodies in the same vein as these classic offenders.

The success of their dastardly plan is played out over Venus Flying Trapeze, Beam’s newest LP. Presented is a 12-song psychedelic affair; the songs feature melodies that are warped and catchy, placed on top of clever chord changes that find new ways to come together. The Brooklyn-via-Boston-via-Maine musician has drawn comparisons to the studio musings and melodic flourishes of Elliott Smith and Harry Nilsson. His music also brings to mind the vigor of a young Elvis Costello, and the unconventionality of Beck and The Flaming Lips.

At 23 years of age, Beam already boasts a broad discography. Aside from a handful of self-produced full-length solo albums, he also fronted the Boston-based “The Stereo Flys”. The year of 2010 was fruitful; aside from the release of Venus Flying Trapeze November, The Stereo Flys released Hello Greetings From A Bunker in April and subsequently embarked on a 3-week summer tour of the United States.

Described by one reviewer as “a mad scientist/multi-instrumentalist”, Jeff Beam’s catalog of psychedelic pop nuggets are packed with aural experiments ripe for a good pair of headphones. Venus Flying Trapeze, along with all of Jeff Beam’s other albums, is available at


- "Venus Flying Trapeze" (November 2010 (self)/April 2011 (Fanatic Promotion)
"Hello Greetings From A Bunker!" [w/ The Stereo Flys] (April 2010)
- "Do They Know It's Boxing Day?" EP (December 2009)
- "Portraits of Poor Traits" (September 2009)
- "Living Room" (November 2008)
- "The Bird Flew" EP (February 2008)
- "Mind The Gap" (October 2007)