Jeff Brady

Jeff Brady


Unique singer songwriter creating a buzz from London to Boston and beyond. Catchy tunes with substance; food for your ears AND your soul.


That was the moment everything changed. “I was 16, at my first concert – Dave Matthews Band in Boston. It was like they cracked the earth open and unleashed this tremendous force.” A cover of Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’ shattered his suburban comfort. “There was this crazy chaotic energy coming from every direction; the band, the audience.” The very next day, Jeff Brady bought his first guitar. “I was content with learning Dave songs until I realized that writing could be a way for me to express myself and deal with what I was feeling.”

He continued for years, convincing his fingers and voice to follow his ears, but never played for anyone. It wasn’t until a journey backpacking through Europe opened his eyes to the possibility of music as a career. “Traveling around, I saw so many people in every country just struggling to get by, suffering through jobs they hated. And I also saw a few who absolutely loved what they did.” Newly empowered by his experiences, Jeff chose the latter.

Jeff’s songs describe and reach emotions on the deepest level. He attributes this to his time as a social worker, working with homeless individuals with substance addictions, traumatized children and teenagers, and individuals with special needs. “I have been so blessed to meet so many different and wonderful people. That work has really shaped who I am and how I think about the world.” Jeff seeks to continue to help people through his music. “That is my goal; if I can write something someone will connect to, that’s perfect. The best complement I’ve gotten was when someone came up to me after a show and said ‘you helped put me in a much better mood than when I came in.’ To me, that is the ultimate.”


Softer Skin

Written By: Jeff Brady

She dances down the street
shadowed by a Monet painted sky
her sandals applaud the concrete
celebrating carefree summer nights

but savages toss sexuality like confetti
as she wonders why they don't choke
on their rotten language
cause it ties her insides like braided rope

Softer skin
it's not as strong as people think
Softer skin
sometimes is so hard, living in
Softer skin

She braves the Boston nightlife
and builds walls of friends for protection
from hungry panthers prowling
arrogant grins reveal predatory intentions
she's trained her tongue to fire like a gun
and shootdown every single one
of the guys who compliment her eyes
while staring at her chest
she wonders if there are any decent people left

Softer skin
it's not as strong as people think
Softer skin
sometimes it's so hard, living in
Softer skin

She curses as she looks in the mirror
at the unwanted attention for her reflection
not understand why, they don't recognize
her depth in countless dimensions

She's learned that the people who collect pretty things
they don't give a damn about what she thinks
their preconceptions penetrate her mind
and she's started to believe that all she has is on the outside

She remembers the safety of her younger years
mother's kisses turning off faucets of tears
father's arms like armor shielding her from the world
and she longs to be, again a little girl

Softer skin
it's not as strong as people think
Softer skin
sometimes it's so hard, living in
her softer skin...

Softer Skin - by Jeff Brady


Demo - 2006
Debut Album - 2008 (currently recording at Michael Scott Studios)

Set List

Originals with a cover or two thrown in for taste