Jeff Byrd/The Audiocentrix

Jeff Byrd/The Audiocentrix


The Audiocentrix are a true rock n roll band. Their songs consist of driving beats and infectious guitar hooks that swirl around deep and introspective lyrics. When on stage The Audiocentrix incite an energy that ignites any room, and leaves the crowd begging for more.


The Audiocentrix' influences range anywhere from Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, U2, to bands like The Afghan Whigs and Stone Temple Pilots. By combining these ecclectic influences, The Audiocentrix produce an original and invigorating sound. Jeff Byrd was a finalist in Song of The Year for his song, "so easy" in 2004, and played at the Jeff Buckley tribute at Uncommon Ground/The Metro in 2002.


The Audiocentrix debut cd "Center Yourself" will be out in early October 2004.

Set List

A typical set list consists of many originals, intertwined with a handful of cover songs, dependig on what type of venue. Their covers include songs by The Clash, Outkast, Rick Springfield, U2, Neil Diamond, The Rolling Stones, etc.