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Jeff Carroll

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Hip Hop is about love, peace and having fun (founder, Afrika Bambataa) not Players and Golddiggers. You talk about keeping it real well that’s about as real as real can get. What I see a lot of now is straight disrespect and that is not HIP HOP!.


Jeff Carroll is a leading voice of Hip Hop reform. He is a married father and lifetime Hip Hopper. He is currently the “Relationship Guru” of the #1 Hip Hop radio talk show “On the Real” which is hosted by Giana Garel and Chuck D of Public Enemy and is Nationally broadcast on Air America. He is the creator of the Hip Hop Dating Codes which have been endorsed by KRS-ONE of the Temple of Hip Hop. Jeff Carroll is a writer, for Miami’s only Hip Hop Newspaper Urban America. He wrote and produced the film GOLDDIGGER KILLER which addresses the misogyny and trend of players and Golddiggers. In 2005 GOLDDIGGER KILLER (GDK) won BEST feature at the International Hip Hop film festival. Currently touring theater and since then the country GDK has been written about in National Hip Hop magazines, newspapers and talked about on Hip Hop radio shows.

As a Hip Hop activist since he High School years Jeff has worked with many respected Civil rights advocates including Rev. Jessie Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton. He has worked with National and International organizations like The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, The National Hip Hop Political Convention, The African Heritage Studies Association and the Urban League. He has been on panels dealing with Hip Hop’s positive agendas at a variety of events which include: The Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival, The How Can I Be Down music conference, The Rainbow/Push National Convention, The International Hip Hop Odyssey Film Festival, The Imagenation Film Festival and The Miami city Youth Summit.

Jeff has gained his firsthand experience as an agent for comedians and other entertainers for 15 years. He has worked on Television and Cable shows as a talent consultant and production assistant. He has worked on the following shows: Showtime at the Apollo, BET Comic View, Def Comedy Jam, Def Poets, Puffy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, Comedy Central’s Comic Groove, VH1’s Hard Rock Live, The Ricky Lake Show and Politically Incorrect.

Jeff Carroll lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife and son. As well as being a writer and a filmmaker he is also owner of Red, Black and Green Promotions a college entertainment company where he works as an entertainment agent. He has booked performances from Maine to Texas to Alaska. He has been speaking to college and high school students through panels, lectures and his own workshop on Hip Hop dating.

Jeff has a bachelor of art in Management Science from Kean University and a collateral in African Studies. He has travel to both Egypt, Japan, London, The Caribbean and Ghana to research African Culture.