Jeff Cashen

Jeff Cashen

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Folk-pop with high production values, thoughtful lyrics and infectious grooves. John Mayer crossed with David Gray crossed with Dave Matthews


A late-starter in the Australian music industry, with a significant detour into a career as an emergency doctor, Jeff Cashen has been turning heads lately with his debut album “Threads”.

Determined to provide a fresh alternative in the folk-rock genre that has saturated the radio waves in the last 4 years, Cashen provides all the emotional lyrical fodder of Josh Rouse, Joshua Radin and David Gray and couples it with luscious production and infectious grooves.

“I started playing covers to pay my way through med school. After a while this got tiring and I started writing my own songs. "I always wanted to stay lo-fi but the turning point came when I started listening to a lot of the American artist like Dave Matthews and John Mayer. I realised this was the recording quality I wanted my music to have.”

To find such values Cashen left his native Queensland and found himself in the studio of Melbourne producer and mix engineer Steve Scanlon.

“When we spoke about what I wanted to achieve Scanners got excited about the project. We were trying a make a product which a lot of artists go to the states to create."

With Threads now complete, Cashen has relocated from Brisbane to Sydney and has just signed an international publisging and distribution deal with Fogsongs. Of the signing Cashen said "I've been looking for a support network for some time now as i've done everything myself up till now - a chance tip off resulted in meeting Marshall and Paul (Fogsongs directors Marshall Cullen and Paul Nearhos)- and the rest -hopefully - is history".

Cashen is currently rehearsing with his band for a national tour in June 2007



Written By: Jeff Cashen

Verse 1
I know you’re anxious but I’ll be there when I can
She blames this last betrayal on the weaknesses of men
The Mind games overload
Its hard to know what’s real
Slow the rollercoaster down

When daylight fades will you just call me home
This indecision’s wrecked me for far too long

Verse 2
A young face presses hard against the window pane
Patience child it won’t be long

When daylight fades will you just call me home
This indecision’s wrecked me for far too long

Middle 8
What would I do
To be here with you
To see you crawling into my bed
In my clothes
It’s the simple things I miss


She said its not like me to moan and carry on this long
And put you on this pedestal I built
I’ll knock you off when I’m done
Well I’m done


Threads (2007) - LP

1st single released "Naked in the Light"
Airplay with independent radio

Set List

1 set 30-60 minutes depending on requirements

Set List
1. The Edge
2. Threads
3. The Last to Hold Out
4. Powerless
5. Daylight
6. Slow Rising Water
7. Crucifixion
8. The Lifeboat
9. Naked in the Light
10. Bailing
11. The last to come along
12. We'll dance (you'll see)
13. Shout to the top