Jeff Day

Jeff Day


Melodic Guitar rock with a 60's/70's vibe mixed with some midwestern charm. Jeff has an acoustic solo project as well a four peice band called"Some Day".


Jeff Day has been composing, recording and performing music for over 12 years. Since the sixth grade, Jeff has been fronting various midwestern rock bands. Currently, he plays professionally around the Indianapolis area and never goes anywhere without a guitar! Jeff's band"Some Day"is a straight ahead, live oriented rock band that prides itself on stripped down, bare bones arrangements of his compositions. Their philosophy is"If you can't do it live.... don't do it at all!" This powerful foursome is just 2 guitars, bass, and drums with stellar 3 part harmony. Their debut release entitled"someday" is a testament to their conviction because all of the instruments were recorded live in the studio. The only overdubs are some vocals, a few guitar solos, and some ambient keyboard parts(all of which can be recreated live). "Some Day" will never be accused of being overproduced!
On solo projects, Jeff takes a little more advantage of the studio's magic. The soundscape is more of an eclectic rock theme with hints of alt. country and psychidelia while still keeping that same unique "Jeff Day vibe." If you pop in a CD you'll hear everything from pedal steel to classical violins over a backdrop of melodic guitars and vocals. Thanks for your interest! JEFF DAY


Some Day just relaeased "someday" their 1st album. Jeff has a few solo projects in the works too. You can listen to all of them on

Set List

The band does almost all originals with a few choice covers thrown in. They cover songs by The Beatles, The Stones, Stevie Wonder, The Moody Blues, The Talking Heads, Led Zepplin, The Doors, and others, but only play a hand full of covers per show. You can hear shadows of all of those bands in their own stuff too. Most of the time they do 1hr-1.5hr sets depending on the venue and the night. The band does alot of gigs with other bands too.
Jeff's solo acoustic shows are just that. He play's songs he's written for the band as well as acoustic compositions. Most of the bands songs were written on an acoustic guitar so they transfer back and forth very well. Playing solo shows is how he makes his living so there are more covers thrown in most of the time. However, you will hear Jeff Day originals at every performance. He covers all of the bands mentioned above in his solo shows as well as many others. Jeff's acoustic gig sets can be 45 minutes to 4 hours long because he plays t