jeff denny band

jeff denny band

 Shirley, New York, USA

We are an enthusiastic high enrgy band relating to our audience through having fun on stage, performing cover and original music, which totally rocks


We play strictly for the love of music and the shear appreciation of life. Leading the band Jeff Denny is a true guitar hero performing with the likes of Rick Derringer, Bernard Purdy, Royal Hall, Jules Radino of Blue Oyster Cult, and many more. Jeff has made a definate mark on the music scene. After performing for the owner of Gibson guitars Jeff soon was on contract endorsing the famous Steinberger headless guitar. Now the owner of the local Music School Jeff plays 24/7 and loves every minute of it. Dimitrios Koutsaris “The pride of Greece has been playing all his life born in Canada an exceptional drummer he gives the band it’s punch, his creative drumming allows the band to write new material without being stifled by stuff we heard already”.
Bass veteran Joe E. Scioscia, is to date one of the best bass players I have ever played with. Joey has the gift of holding up the world like atlas and never expecting anything in return. He has solidified my standard for the ultimate bass player , until I met Joe keeping the groove was only a fantasy, now my excitement for playing is renewed with every note he plays. Thanks Joe for holding it down with the Jeff Denny Band


Grace Grace Liberty

Written By: Jeff Denny

Not enough time to fight, not enough time for sorrow
Yet you burn up the day, like you live in the morrow
If you give up yourself, not of money or cloth
Then your gift will remain, of remark and reward

Grace, Grace, Liberty, life priced to be free

Now if you get real tired and you’re livin’ like a weed
Well there’s a boundary line written in this creed
So if you go down low there are dues you can pay
Or you can stay up top and thank the Lord for each day

Grace, Grace Liberty, life priced to be free
Hard to follow years to succeed,
Forgive us our trials, our souls to bleed

Not enough time to kill, not enough time to die
Not enough time to run not enough time to cry
But if you love with your heart mind spirit and soul
Then your time will be long and your life will be bold

Grace, Grace Liberty, life priced to be free

WHat Home

Written By: Jeff Denny

Empty beer cans lined up against the wall we had a ball
Resin stains my finger tips I played the licks
Treason rises in my mind each endless time

Empty rhythms do not rhyme a certain crime
They say it's good it's on the air they have a pair
Why can't they play a song that's good if only they could

Although I know I can't resist
Each day goes by I must persist
And so I cry another tear
I sleep again alone in fear

He bums a dime lives in the street he can't compete
There ain't no job where he's content until the rent
And even then he can't complain he'll take the train
His body finds these aging blues he paid his dues
Don't stop him now he's on a roll he's lost control
He'll change his ways next time around he'll be a clown

TheGrass Was Blue

Written By: Jeff Denny

I tried the rest, I had the best
I got out on my own and I made a mess
Thinkin’ it was easier I went out for a ride
Thought the grass was greener on the other side
She told me she loved me, and that was when she lied
The grass was blue on the other side

It started out real good, just like it should
She left me standin’ where I stood
One more time I went out for a second chance
That’s when I met my sweet romance
She was lookin’ good but to my surprise
The grass was blue on the other side

She gave a big ol’ smile, and winked at me
I left my home and family
Cheatin' on you baby seemed like such a thrill
Let me tell you honey it wasn’t worth the guilt
If I could give you some advice I must confide
The grass was blue on the other side


we just released "Grace Grace Liberty" which is a snippet of our new CD "The Search for the Truth" which will be released in May 2013. also 2 of our past CD's "Chosen" and "Stolen Heart" are available through cd baby and our website

Set List

All Along The Watchtower
Red House
Couldn’t Stand The Weather
Stolen Heart
La Grange
Jumpin Jack Flash
Further on up the Road
Soul shine
You're Confused
Cliffs of Dover
Grace Liberty -
Still Alive and Well
Gimme 3 Steps