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My Best Intensions

Written By: Jeff Edelstein

My Best Intensions
By Jeff Edelstein

Just as painted dots make up a canvas picture
Your colored smile can get lost at night
When I look back
It was a dangerous mixture
My idea and whatever you had in mind

When it caught me off guard
There was nothing I could do
cause she talked about things
Like it was something I already knew
Whatever the reason
Never clear to me
Whoever is right
We’ll just have to wait and see

There’s no second chance
When you run out of time
Pawn your dreams if you can
she made up her mind
Reasons don’t count
When there’s no one to hear
Better save your breath
She’s made that clear

Cause you don’t know where your heart will take you
And you can’t go where the winds don’t blow
When there’s no way to tell your love is fading
Sometimes you just gotta let things go

I gave it another shot
But it did me no good
She laughed at my plan
And I expected she would
Had a million things
To try back then
And all the wrong words
I’ll never use again

Then I wished it all done
Though I had no clear vision
And counted on luck
To make the final decision
It all fell short
But at least I tried
Next time around
I won’t waste my time

Cause you don’t know where your heart will take you
And you can’t go where the winds don’t blow
When there’s no way to tell your love is fading
Sometimes you just gotta let things go

Stolen Identity

Written By: Jeff Edelstein

Got a call from a guy selling something to keep me on track.
Said he left a message, but I never called him back.
Got to be careful, things aren't what they appear to be.
Could be that I’m walking around with a stolen identity.

There are strangers in the attic looking at my bank account.
People in my wallet that I know nothing about.
There are things happening that I just can’t see.
And all I know is that they’ve got my identity.

They got my number, they’re phishing in my accounts.
Creditors calling, they’re going after my house.
The rates are dropping, but I can’t get a loan.
Tomorrow they might be tapping my phone.

Could have happened when I went online.
When I downloaded something that was just a waste of time.
Got better things to do than give my stuff away for free.
But it’s all happening now since they got my identity.

Can’t go to court, I got nowhere to take my case.
I guess I just found myself in the wrong time and wrong cyber space.
This is something to which I cannot agree.
Cause in this country you’ve got nothing without your identity.

Nothing You Can do For Me

Written By: Jeff Edelstein

There’s nothing like a stolen feeling
To cast its shadow across your face
I knew you’d never find the reason
When things didn’t fall into place

The leaf that’s been unfolded
Is something you can’t get back
They say just start things over
But we never fell for that trap

Nothing will come forward
When there’s nothing left to say
Then you clear a path before you
Only to get in your own way

After everything falls free
You pick the pieces from the ground
But then at the final moment
You think you’ve turned things back around

Better save the ancient words
Cause nothing’s new under the sun
You can’t repair a broken dream
But you can always cut and run

When the wheels of heartache,
Lead you round fortune’s rusted gate
When everything comes to an end
And things crash under their own weight

There’s no way of knowing what’s coming next
Could be what you wanted or somebody’s best guess

Now there’s nothing you can do for me
There’s nothing I need now
You said you’d always be there
But I could never see how

When you said your love had fallen
There was nothing to hold back
Now it doesn’t matter much
So let’s just leave it at that