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Goodbye to Avalon

Written By: Valarie Endemann

Turning away
Walking away
Gone, is the dawn
Time to face the day

When she said goodbye
‘Twas a fond farewell
Kissed, by the mist
She followed the church bell

Lonely and weary
She’s got to press on
Home, must she roam
Back to her sweet Avalon

The crescent on her brow
Shines in memory
Dreams, of scenes
They call out to me

We’ve lived linear lives
And the pages still turn
Time, is the rhyme
We’ve all yet to learn

Lonely and weary
We’ve got to press on
Home, must we roam
Back to our sweet Avalon

Overhead the birds flew
As I crossed the Tor
Tears, for the years
I would cross you no more…

Shadows or Sherwood Forest

Written By: Valarie Endemann

Hiding in my healing home
Feeling loathly and alone
Rattled to my very bone
By the Shadows of Sherwood Forest

The Sun is gone; the skies have gray'd
No one is rushing to my aid
But I refuse to feel afraid
Of the Shadows of Sherwood Forest

I hear a rustle in the trees
Is it the wind or are the leaves
Whispering to me on the breeze
Through the Shadows of Sherwood Forest

My head spins; my eyes dart
As music begins to fill my heart
And the song has wisdom to impart
In the Shadows of Sherwood Forest

“You are young enough to teach
Here the Moon is within your reach
If only the King’s Laws you dare to breach”
Sang the Shadows of Sherwood Forest

Now, on the edge of within-my-glance
I see the Shadows begin to dance
And I have a strange remembrance
That I belong in Sherwood Forest

Be it night or be it day
I’ve begun to feel my way
And know I now, come what may
There is light in Sherwood Forest…

So Far

Written By: Jeff Endemann

I caught a ride along a star tonight
Don’t really care which way I go
My mind is open to the second sight
So many things she wants to show

One hundred million light years left behind
To the far side of the galaxy
Space and time and thought and memory
Are all the same as we’ll soon see

So far I’ve come
So far to go
One day I’ll learn
One day I’ll know

So many stars that light the way for me
Their souls they burn just like a flame
Is this a dream or my reality?
Or are they really just the same?

So far I’ve come
So far to go
One day I’ll learn
One day I’ll know

We know, We’ve known all along
To grow, We all must sing this song
To know, we all must believe
Together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve

As I return to what is here and now
My thoughts can change the way I feel
Now together as a unity
We all can change what’s truly real

Then we can all ride on that star tonight
And we can choose which way to go
Through space and time we’ll let our minds take flight
The universe will let us know

So far we’ve come
Not far to go
In time we’ll see
In time we’ll know

You must believe in unity
To make our dream reality