Summerville, South Carolina, USA

Honest to the Soul lyrics
with Serious Vocal Presence!!!
Country/Blues Driven Americana funkrock
A must See, great hooks


Born July 25th, 1974, the youngest of three children, in the small town of Pozzouli, just outside of Naples Italy, on the Mediterranian coast. Born with a Lymphatic Cyst the size of a small watermelon, he was flown from Italy to Germany, and then onto the United States by the age of nine days... he was dying!

Ill for most of his childhood, he would spend most of his days with his mother, sleeping on the breakroom floor of her work. Next door was a music store, and when he was well enough, he would emerse himself, day after day, in the instruments. Just before his ninth birthday, he received his first guitar, and while sitting on shop floor plucking away.. being turned onto the sounds of everything from The Who, to Sabbath, to Chet Atkins and Earl Scruggs from Marfin Gaye and Aretha Franklin to James Taylor and Bob Dylan. Music was something he found, that would take his mind off of the pain that had become his daily companion.
. In the Mid nineties, he moved to Seattle Washington, were he was introduced to a new audience, and a new way of thinking, writing, and hearing music.

Moving back to his hometown of Charleston in the spring of 2007, with a refined sound, back to his roots, relying on deep honest lyrics, coupled with a voice that is being coined, "The Most Soulful / Powerful Voice" to come out of his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina in 20 years, with a mix of blues, country, funk, americana, & jazz.

Signed with Inde label Sweet Gum Records in association with JEFFERSON COKER productions in 2008

Now with his 1st full length cd to be released late October 2010, airplay via internet, locally owned / private / college radio stations, and simple word of mouth, a movement is spreading from the south... Across the U.S....

has multiple appearences on LowCountry Live ABC(4)
Feature Article June 2008 Issue of Low Country Underground Magazine
Cover Story, December 2009 Issue of Low Country Underground Magazine
Feature Article, Greenville Chronicles, Metro Mix, July 2010

Hank Williams, The Grateful Dead, The Band, Hank Williams Jr., Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash, Ben Harper, The Black Crowes, The Allman Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, The Beatles


One More Notch, 2007
independant release, Jefferson Coker

Who I Was & Who I Am Now 2008
independant release, Jefferson Coker

Sweet Gum Productions, Jefferson Coker

mulitple tracks from EP streaming on Radio.SC
Spahn Ranch Radio Hour,
CACH radio Alberta CA

Set List

Sets are taylor made per event...

With the Band or as a Solo Act, Jefferson Coker can accomidate the standard 3hr bar set with a mix of covers and originals.... or as little as a 30 set..