Jefferson Colby

Jefferson Colby


Jefferson Colby goes all over the hard-music map: from tightly orchestrated time changes (arena rock), to instrumental breakdowns (psychedelia), to raw bashing (punk). ItÂ’s like grunge but not as clean, and it's like blues-rock but not as sexy. -From the Ft. Worth Weekly


Jefferson Colby came together about 5 years ago with brothers Danny and Matt Mabe on the guitars and drums and Jeff Moore on bass.

After jamming in the garage for a while, the band has come to be one of the more prolific ones in Fort Worth.

So far, the band has put out a record (which was all cut and mixed in 12 hours) and an EP the following year. The band has another full length already recorded and is waiting for the mixing stage. They also have enough new material piled up to go in and record ANOTHER full length.

Branching out is what's next for Jefferson Colby. Having played the DFW area for a few years, the band now looks to play more in Austin and surrounding areas and states.


"Inadaze" - 2007
"My Cosmic Self [EP]" - 2008
"Octopus" - Currently in production
"Semantics" - Ready to record

Set List

Our set times can range from 45 min to 2 hours. We have a lot of material and have played for various lengths in time. We play all original music, but have occasionally thrown in a cover song here or there.

Our typical 40-45 min setlist consists of:

Nobodies Sombodies
The Unknown
Mad Scientist
Far Away People
To Get Me By
Faces on the Moon
Believe Me