The Lesson House

The Lesson House


Group and Private Music and Acting Lesson at your school campus.


We are a team of young pro musicians, actors and skateboarders that have a huge desire to help you get out there and make some noise! We have instruction in Guitar, Drums, Voice, Piano, Bass, Percussion, DJ, Acting and Skateboarding.

All of us are involved in the entertainment industry, and all of us remember coming up desiring to have a program where we could learn from people really doing what we wanted to do. That's hard to find, but we've found that in The Lesson House.

We're different because we believe that learning involves all the senses! We don't just teach out of a book, we use really everything we can get a hold of to help you, the student, get excited about music, acting or skateboarding. This means video clips, playing in bands, guest interviews, recordings, rewards and recitals are all part of the experience.