Jeffery Goodson

Jeffery Goodson

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Jeffery Goodson is an exciting Singer-songwriter who crashes into the heart with brassy music and classy lyrics filled with harmony and understanding for what lies deep inside.


Hello, I am Jeffery a southern born transplant to the twin city of Minneapolis. As an actor, writer and musician, I have taken the stage and screen in musicals, live music performance, comedies, improvisation, Shakespeare, historical drama and even as a Groucho Marx impressionist. I court truth and sincerity in every performance. Influenced by Neil Diamond, Carole King, Sufjan Stevens, Marc Cohn, the Beatles, James Taylor, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, Joshua Kadison, my father and brothers and so many others, my songs are fun, vivid stories that reach beyond just singing. Ususally performing alone (when singing) I also love harmonizing with other talented musicians.


I have just released a new CD called "Fountains of Etcetera" in 2010. Before that I recordeded and released CDS: Reasonance (2008), Just Everyday Fine Folk (2004) and When It Ain't broke (2001).

Set List

I have a large list of originals in the vein of singer-songwriter as well as a few cover arrangements including "Play Me" (neil Diamond), "Joan of Arc" (Leonard Cohen) and "I Think It's Going to Rain Today" (Randy Newman). Adding more covers and also writing new songs all the time. Some of my original songs can be heard on my website (, myspace or ubetoo.