Jeff Fielder

Jeff Fielder


Jeff Fielder has many incarnations.In this case he is an engaging solo performer with guitar virtuosity and soulful vocals.The music its self is somewhat timeless and steeped in blues and roots tradition while maintaining a strong modern relevance.


In the strong and varied Seattle music scene,Jeff Fielder has become a very respected and sot after Musician in many different capacities.As a extremely proficient and versatile studio musician working with a range of styles and artists including Band of Horses and members of Perl Jam.As a fine sideman working in many different bands and singer songwriters as a player and many times musical director.And finally as a solo artist.Fielder has shown incredible musicianship and songwriting with a real love for the stage and knows how to engage an audience.Touring is a bit of a new challenge for Jeff.Having done multiple tours over the last two years with Sub Pop's Sera Cahoone,Jeff Fielder hopes to really expand the audience of his solo material in 2009.


Solo Records:Jeff Fielder:Last Disguise(2006) Sunday Morning Music:Don't You Listen(2003)Countless records for others.Notably Sera Choone:Only as the Day is Long(2008)Sera Cahoone(2006)Band of Horses:Cease To Begin(2008)

Set List

Heart Of Stone,Pack My Bags,Fortune,Rob You Blind,All The Small Things,Cocaine Blues(rev.Gary Davis),Last Disguise,Rollin' and Tumblin',Come On In My Kitchen(Robert Johnson).Sets run 30 mins to an hour.